Running Medal Display

Over the past 4 years, D and I have run many races.  We enjoy it and love that we do it as a team.  Well 2 times the races and 2 times the race medals start to add up.  We needed  a display for them.  I looked and looked for one I liked but couldn’t find one that really displayed the medal and the race bid.  Finally, I decided to just make my own.  D had brought home some scrap pallet wood planks and we used those.  We cut them down to 42″ and then used a 2×4 for the “legs” on the wall.  I cut the 2×4 to the 4″ width of the pallet board and then ripped it in half so it was a 2x2x4.  Then I added wood glue to them.


I screwed that piece into the pallet board and patched the hole.



Then sanded the entire thing down and painted them a gloss black paint.



Then I put small 1″ screws along the back bottom section of the boards to hold the race bibs.  The screws are placed every 2 1/2″ apart so the medal will fit in between the screws.  The board sits off the wall enough to be able to put the bibs and medals on once it is hung.  I then hung them on the wall with wall anchors and a 3 1/2″ screw that went right thru the face of the board.


After we hung them then we hung the medals on them and the race bibs.  The medals are just wrapped around and the weight of the medal holds them in place.  To hang the medal put the ribbon behind the plank from the top and then pull the ribbon up around the front of the plank and tuck it over the top plank.  Then drape the medal over the end of the ribbon to hold it in place.


We had a lot of medals to organize.


I love the way these turned out!  I need to make more since this is only 2012-2014 medals.  LOL



Total cost of this project – FREE!!!!  Yup just used scrap pallet wood and screws I had on hand.  woohoo!


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This morning I saw a post on a runner’s site I am part of that caught my attention.  Do you know what your runiversary is?  Some runners said they didn’t know and others knew exactly what their date was.  As for me – Yes I know exactly what my date is.  January 10, 2012!


Hard to believe that was almost 4 years ago.  My first run was a 15:30 pace.  I thought I was going to die before I finished that run.  I could not imagine ever thinking I would be a runner.  I could never imagine how that first run would change my life.  I could never imagine the bond I have with my wife because of running.  I could never imagine running a 5K race, a 10K race, a 15K race or a Half Marathon!  BUT I DID!!  I did run all those races and more!  I have run so many races and I have really enjoyed all the experiences I have had.  I also have had the best running partners over these past years and have met some amazing people and friends due to running.

In 25 days I will be doing something I could never imagine I would ever do when I started running in January 2012.  Up until March of this year I would have told you this was something I never wanted to do – funny how things change.  In 25 days I will be running my first full Marathon!

The training for this marathon has been tough, both mentally and physically.   I have dealt with ankle pain and calf pain.  I have stuck to a training schedule and have adjusted it as needed to keep moving forward and get my training in.  It has been hard!  It has been time consuming!  It has been challenging!

A few weeks ago we ran 20 miles – our longest run to date.   I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through this run – but I did!  My pace for 20 miles was 11:35.  Not to shabby!

This weekend we will run 23 miles.  That is our last long run before we run the marathon.    I am so blessed to have my wife by my side for all of this.  The excitement is building as are the nerves.  When I stop and think I will be running 26.2 miles and my goal is 5 ½ hours – I start to think I am crazy!  But I will also me a marathoner!

26.2 start


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Year End Teacher Gifts

I really can’t believe J’s last day of preschool VPK is Thursday.  She will be starting kindergarten this year.  Where has the time gone?  I was so excited this year with the gifts I found for the teachers.  I bought these online a few months back and they worked perfectly.

teacher gifts

The cups are for the principal and vice principal.  I bought them on Amazon.  The shirts are for her 2 teachers and I bought them on Etsy.  I ordered them in the teachers favorite colors which I thought would be fun for them.  Today was the year end party so we handed out the gifts.  They loved them!!!  All the other teachers were asking where I got them from.  So excited they liked them.  I added the tag and gave a bag of Hersey hugs to go with them.  So happy with the way they turned out.


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Marathon Training Plan

I have been looking and looking for a decent training plan.  Most plans are not long enough for me and most plans only go up to 20 miles as the longest training run.  So I have decided to make my own, big surprise I know.  My plan is to try to take it nice and slow in the beginning and start adding weights into my routine to build muscle and strengthen my knees before I start adding any major distance.  My problem with weights is that I tend to get really sore the day or two after my workouts.  Then I get annoyed because I can’t run without hurting and then I stop the weights.  I need to take it easy on my runs and push thru a few weeks of weights to get my body past that point of being sore each week.  I figure at least 2-3 weeks and we will be good.

This is the plan I have come up with.  I plan to run 3 days a week and add weights at least 2 days.  I can then add a third day of weights or take a rest day depending on how I am feeling that week.  I will then start to increase my miles.  I am running all my runs at a 3:1 split, run 3 minutes walk 1 minute.  This will be how I am training and I will be running the marathon.

40 Week Marathon Training Plan

I am trying to come up with a decent weights plan that will work with this schedule.  I need to have that planned out by tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

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39 Weeks

39 weeks seems like such a long time.

39 weeks and you could look like this.


39 weeks and you could look like this.


39 weeks and you could be training for this.


26 point feakin’ 2 miles!!!!

Yes –  I am going to run my first full marathon!  I am so excited and so scared all at the same time.  I even suckered my wife into running it with me.  :-)  I am officially 39 weeks away from my biggest race ever and this is where I am currently on the scale.


Not exactly where I want to be and I have no one to blame but myself.  So it is time to get back on track and focus on what my goals are.

Here we go on another wonderful journey!  Time to make a training schedule and focus on my strength and nutrition to prepare for the next 39 weeks. Tickets are bought and there is no turning back now.


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School Valentines

Like most schools these day, J’s school will not allow candy valentines.  So what is a kid to do when they cannot pick their favorite candy valentine to share with the class??  I guess you could always just do a pre-made, paper valentine and call it a day, nothing wrong with that.  Unless you are my kid!!!

J was not having any of that.  After all, last year we made these adorable crayon valentines.

Crayon Valentines 1

Well, we could not do that again because she has some of the same kids from last year in her class this year.  So what does my kid think is the best valentine to give to a class of 5 year olds?


Whoopee Cushions!!  Oh you know her teachers are going to just love us tomorrow.  LMAO

We made these awesome whoopee cushion valentines this year.

Whoopee Valentine

We bought the whoopee cushions at the dollar store.  I used some tags we had left over from our wedding and printed them at home.  They are Avery 22802 Printable Tags with Strings.

J has 16 kids in her class.  Whoopee cushions $16.  Tags we had already. How much the kids will love these and the teachers will hate us…….. Priceless!!!


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Teacher Appreciation Week – Gifts

We made this super cute gift for J’s teachers this week.  They are easy to make and just adorable if you ask me.

Teacher gift hearts 2  

These can be made for any event or holiday, not just Valentine’s day.  The themes are endless.

I purchased almost every item from the dollar store.  Total price is 6.00 each.  I used spray paint to make it easier for myself but it cost a bit more for spray paint so it could be even cheaper if you painted them by hand.

  • Clay pot 2/1.00
  • Glass Fish Bowl 1.00
  • Clay lid .79 (Michaels)
  • Wooden ball .59 (Michaels)
  • Ribbon 1.00 for the roll
  • Stick on Hearts 1.00 for a package of 100
  • Candy 1.00
  • Paint 5.79 (Michaels)

Then I added a cute saying for the tag and stuck it inside.  I just love how they turned out.

Teacher gift hearts

Paint the clay pots and tops red.  Paint the wood balls white.  Glue the fish bowl to the top of the clay pot.  Glue the wooden ball to the top of the lid.  Glue ribbon around the pot and stick on the hearts.  Fill with candy and add a tag if you want.  So easy!


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