Day 1 done

13 Jan

Yesterday my legs hurt pretty bad when I ran but I decided to run anyways.  I told myself I would just do 30 minutes instead of an hour.  Then I hit 30 minutes and I was almost to 2 miles so I said I would keep going until I got to 2 miles.  Then I was at 40 minutes and then I decided to go till I hit 3 miles and about that time my legs finally stopped hurting and decided they where just going to have to get over the pain.  I kept running and made it to 60 minutes.  I thought I was going to die last night but I didnt. 

To my suprise I got up this morning and didnt feel any pain at all.  Total shocker.  So I decided I would get my run in today.  I first added all my inspirational pictures to the wall in the office. 

This was so great to look at while I ran.  Then I tweeked my ipod playlist.  I am loving the songs I have on there and was so pumped about running today.  I couldnt believe I was actually excited about running but I was.  The first 30 mintues went by fast then at about 40 minutes I thought I was on the treadmill for 2 hours already but I made it through and I feel great about it.  My legs didnt hardly hurt at all today so that is a plus.  I was also able to run for 1/2 mile without stopping.  I know this doesnt sound like alot but this is a huge accomplishment for me right now considering the knee surgery I had and the healing time for that.

So for dinner I made Italian Sausage with peppers and onions.  I totally forgot to take a picture so sorry.  I will try to remember next time.  But I used chicken italian sausage, green peppers and white onions – fry them all together and then eat.  Only 260 calories.  I even got compliments from the wife on this one.  🙂  Then I was told that my cooking was what make her fat so my cooking needs to make her skinny again too.  LOL   I am taking that as I get to make whatever I want and she will eat it if I tell her it will make her skinny again.   hahaha

And for dessert I had mint chocolate chip icecream.

Now this definately is not Bryers but it was pretty darn good and it was only 140 calories. 

Ready for another day after a good nights rest.

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