Distracted Run

17 Jan

Since I found these new Vitatop muffins, I am loving them.  They are actually really great and just enough to put something in my stomach in the morning without making me sick.  So I grabbed one out of the freezer this morning and put it on a plate to thaw.  I took half of it and baby J said she wanted some.  Okay cool, here you can have the other half.  She decided she only wanted to eat the nuts off the top of it and then said I could have it back.  LOL  This made me laugh when I looked at the muffin top and there were a bunch of little finger marks in it.  After we laughed I ate the other half.

Okay breakfast is in my stomach – Check.  Ready for a run – Check.  Baby J is going to sit and be good so mommy can run – Negative Houston!  Yeah – this so was not Baby J’s plan for the day.  So being so crafty, I set her up with some play-doh so I could get my run in. She was oh so happy to sit and play.

I was in the clear – now to the treadmill.  Woohoo I pulled it off and I was getting my run in.  YEAH – not so much.  About 20 minutes into my run I had company.  Baby J needed juice.  Okay quick stop, juice is filled, back to play-doh, we are good.  Continue with my run.  10 minutes later my baby girl come in with no pants on after having gone to the potty herself and needed help putting her pants back on.  Okay quick stop, pants are on, back to play-doh, we are good.  Continue my run.  10 minutes later, “mommy wonder pets”.  “okay give mommy just 10 more minutes” – she leaves the room. 5 minutes later – “mommy my turn” “okay give mommy just 10 more minutes and then you can have a turn” – she leaves the room.  5 minutes later – “mommy done”  “not yet baby, give mommy just 5 more minutes”.  She sits on the front of the treadmill and waits for me to finish.  LOL  She is such a sweet little girl!  Once I finished she was so happy she jumped up and said “my turn”  I put the treadmill on 1 mph and off she went.  She just cracks me up and she was so proud of herself for being able to do like mommy did.

So finally after a long distracted run, I did get my 60 minutes in.  I was very pleased with my results even with the distractions and so happy I was able to go for the full 60 minutes.  I also felt better today than I did yesterday so that is always a plus.
Running 4.06 miles in 1h:00m:01s

Was out tracking with Endomondo

Calories: 423 kcal
Average Pace: 14:47 min/mi
Distance: 4.06 miles
Duration: 1h:00m:01s
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