Weigh In Week 1

20 Jan

It has been a week since I posted my weight.  So here it is.

I didn’t post my measurements from last week so here they are with this weeks measurements as well.

Measurements 1/13/12                                Measurements 1/20/12
Waist(at bend)  32″                                     Waist(at bend) 31 1/2″
Waist(at belly button) 36 1/2″                     Waist(at belly button) 36″
Hips  37 1/2″                                                Hips 37 1/4″
Thighs 23 1/2″                                             Thighs 23″
Arms  13 1/2″                                              Arms 13 1/4″

So even though I only had a .2lb weight loss I had some good loss on inches. 
I also had a few beers last weekend and I don’t think that helped my scale number.  LOL  My love for beer has been put on hold for a while until I get down to the weight I am comfortable with.  🙂  I have also seen some improvement in the way my clothes fit which is really nice.  I also dont feel so “flabby” in general.  This is all great since I am like most people and would like to call it quits when I dont see any results.   Yah for my .2lbs weight loss.  hahahaha

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