Wonder if I will be able to walk tomorrow??

20 Jan

Today I mixed things up a bit.  I did not run.  I waited until D got home from work and we went for a bike ride together.  It was great to have the company and baby J always loves to go for a ride.  It was a good ride.

Cycling 2.86 miles in 23m:25s

Was out tracking with Endomondo

Average Speed: 7.3 mph
Calories: 140 kcal
Distance: 2.86 miles
Duration: 23m:25s
Then we had dinner – Chicken Sausage with green peppers and onions, and Pierogies.  The serving size was 3 pierogies at 170 calories.  I could have eaten at least 6 of these but I didn’t.  I stuck with just 3 and my sausage and peppers. 
After dinner I did the Lean Abs Pyramid and the Lean Legs Pyramid.
Lean Abs Pyramid
10 Standing Knee Raises – Done
20 Tummy Tucks – Done
30 Second Plank Jacks – Done
40 Crunches – Done
50 Bicycle Crunches – Done
40 Crunches – Done
30 Second Plank Jacks – Done
20 Tummy Tucks – Done
10 Standing Knee Raises – Done
YES!!! I did this entire pyramid.  I am very pleased with myself for this.  I know my abs will be screaming tomorrow though.  I didn’t think I would make it through all those crunches but I did.  Baby J even joined in and helped me with my crunches and standing knee raises.  She is a great counter.  We counted 1-10 and then started the count again.  She is so cute working out with her mommies.
Lean Legs Pyramid
20 Squats – Done
30 Lunges – Done
40 Toe Touches – Done
50 Second Wall Sit – DONE! (This is as hard at the 40 second plank  LOL)
100 Second Jumping Jacks – NONE I cant do jumping jacks because of my knee surgeries, so I did a 40 second plank instead. 🙂
50 Second Wall Sit – I did 30 Seconds
40 Cross Over Toe Touches – Done
30 Lunges – Done
20 Squats – Done
I almost did this entire pyramid but that wall sit is brutal!  Hopefully I will get it next time.  I am not sure I will be able to walk tomorrow between the bike ride, abs pyramid, and legs pyramid.  🙂  But I am sure it will all pay off in the long run.
This is D’s first working out with me.  She didn’t make it through both of the pyramids and I think she lost track of her numbers so I cant tell you how well she did but I am sure she will be knocking out these pyramids in no time.  🙂  She is still recovering from being sick.
I am very happy with tonights workout.  It was a nice change from running.
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