Staying on Track – Walking to the store

27 Jan

I know it has been a few days since I posted about my workouts, but in all fairness I don’t want to completely bore you all with my everyday boring workouts.  I will try to mix it up a bit and keep you all entertained.  🙂

I have been good about doing my workouts.  Some days are better than others but I am doing good.  The past few days my knees have been stiff so instead of running I have been walking.  Hey excercise is excercise right?  Baby J is such a pain when it comes to sleeping.  I swear she thinks she is going to miss something that is just so important that she must stay up and not nap or sleep at night just in case something spectacular is going to happen.  HMMM wonder where she gets her horrible sleeping patterns from?   Yah Yah – you don’t really have to answer that.  hahaha  Anyways, getting her to take naps is like pulling teeth.  I know she is tired but she just won’t give in without a fight and I will admit there are days where I just don’t feel up for the fight.  So me being the genius that I am, hahaha, decided that I would wait until it was nap time and put her in the stroller and go for a walk.  She will fall asleep and I will get in my excercise for the day.  Woohoo I kill two birds with one stone.  Great.  So on Wednesday I had to go to the Target anyways.  So I put baby J in the stroller and off I went to the Target.  Yup, I walked to the Target.  This was great – nice walk and a sleeping baby.  I didn’t think anything of it until I got into the target and started getting some funny looks from people.  Guess they are not used to seeing a sweaty woman with a sleeping baby, shopping for workout clothes.  And every so often I had to wipe the sweat from my forehead.  Oh the awesome looks I got.  Oh well.  I check out and head home.  All is good.

Yesterday I needed to go get dog food.  So I planned to walk to the pet store since the walk to the Target the day before was so nice.  Unfortunately my walk yesterday to the pet store was much more entertaining and not in a good way.  Everything started out just fine.  Baby J in the stroller – she has juice, a snack, a toy, her sunglasses, and her crocks on.  Off we went.  Fifteen minutes into the walk she is asleep.

I cut down a different street to get to the pet store and when I come to the end of the street and get the huge 6 lane intersection that I must cross to get to the pet store I realize the sidewalk ends before the cross walk.  At first I thought this was nuts.  Then I look around and see that the sidewalk ends because they had to plant flowers around the entrance sign for the community we live in.  Nice!  Okay so the only way to get to the cross walk is to go around and through the grass and then into the street and then to the cross walk.  Doesnt that defeat the purpose of the cross walk?  Okay fine.  Cross the street and get to the parking lot of the pet store.  I attempt to go down the curb with the stroller, something I have done many times before, only this time I under estimated the height of the curb.  As the front of the stroller goes down the curb I notice baby J (still asleep) starts to slide out the front of the stroller to the ground.  Yes I know – She obviously was not strapped into the stroller.  As I grab her real quick she wakes up and gives me a look as if to say “what are you crazy mom!”  Then as I get her situated back in the stroller she says “my cocs”  I look and see she is only wearing one crock.  Great!  I am grateful there is no one around and I almost drop my daughter out of the stroller and onto the sidewalk.  So I think where can her shoe be.  Okay I will hit the pet store and then go back the way I came and hope I can find it.  Baby J goes back to sleep.  I go into the pet store and get what I need and when I check out the lady at the register gives me a funny look and then looks at baby J.  Then says “oh are you getting a quiet day”.  What?  Yes I always go to the pet store all sweaty with a sleeping baby to have a quiet day!!  Okay whatever.  I said yes, paid and left.  Time to retrace my steps.  I am much more careful over the oversized curb this time around.  Get to the huge intersection, waiting to cross, looking all over for a missing shoe that might have fallen off in the intersection and run over by a million cars that is now nothing more than a flat rubber sole.  Nope not there.  As I look up at the other side of the intersection, where the sidewalk ended before the cross walk, I see a little pink shoe sitting at the end of the sidewalk.  AWESOME!!  I found the shoe and it is still in one piece.  We cross the intersection and I pick up the shoe.  About that time baby J wakes up a bit.  She stirs and asks for her glasses.  I look around and can’t find them.  She doses back off.  I continue on my way and at about 3 miles run into a broken pair of sunglasses laying in the middle of the sidewalk.  I walk past them at first and then turn around and go pick them up.  I thought it was appropriate for me to pick up what I dropped even if they were broken in half.  We continue on with our walk.  It was beautiful.  Walking throught he trees and there was a nice breeze to keep me cool.

Then we turn a corner and it was like we were in a wind tunnel.  I could hardly push the stroller and walk at the same time.  The wind was blowing so hard it woke baby J up and she again gives me the “are you crazy mom?” look.  I apologize and try to get her out of the wind as soon as possible.  We finally make it home – baby J is in one piece, found the missing shoe in one piece, found the missing glasses in two pieces, and found a new way to wake up a sleeping baby in a wind tunnel.  GEEZ! What a walk.  At least I had a beautiful day and good scenery.

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