I voted!!

31 Jan

Today I walked to the clubhouse to vote.  Baby J was awake the whole way there.  When we went in I handed the lady my ID and voters card.  She punched it into the computer and I had to sign my name.  Then the machine prints out a receipt.  The lady gives me the receipt and my cards back and tells me to go over to the ballot table to get my ballot.  This table was exactly 4 steps away from the first table and had another lady working it.  I handed the other lady the receipt and she hands me a paper ballot in a secret sleeve so no one will see who I vote for.  Then she tell me to go into any of the voting booths to vote.  The “booths” were small (very small) tables that were covered on three sides with these wall looking things.  I literally walked 1 step to get to the booth, picked up the marker in the booth that had a plastic spoon attached to it so I wouldn’t steal it, and voted.  My thought was “well whoever would steal a marker from a voting place would probably have no problem getting a free spoon with that pen”.  LOL

The entire time all this was going on, there was a big ta-do over the machine that counts the votes.  Something was jammed and wasn’t working right and they were on the phone with someone trying to fix it.

So I vote and take my ballot and plastic sleeve and stand in the middle of the room waiting for the thumbs up that the machine is fixed and I can place my vote.  I stood there for about a minute and then started wondering how long I would have to stand here before the machine would be fixed.  Then a lady asked me if I was finished voting.  Well duh, I wasnt just standing there with a ballot in my hand for no reason!  I nicely said yes and she said okay just put your ballot on the machine.  WHAT?  I thought it was broken? “No its fine you can use it” she assured me.  Oh of course, because people usually are on the phone trying to fix a machine that is fine and can be used.

So I walk up and I have three people standing next to me as I vote. A guy tell me “Just take your ballot and slide it into this spot”  I asked “face up or face down”.  He says “either way is fine”.  I place my ballot face up and slide it in.  The screen says “thank you for your vote”.  Everyone says “thanks for voting”.  One of the ladies gives me and baby J a sticker and I smile and say thank you and leave.

Baby J stole both stickers, obviously. She fell asleep shortly after we left and I continued onto my walk. Notice the two stickers on her shirt.  🙂

As I walked I couldn’t help but think about how they tried so hard to make my vote so private and then at the end I am pretty sure at least three people saw who I voted for.  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of it being private?  Couldn’t they just tell me what to do from the other side of the room?  Since the place was so small to begin with.  LOL  Oh well, I voted!

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