Giving the dog a bath…… Kinda!

02 Feb

This morning I had to give the dog a bath.  This wasnt Zoey.  This was baby J’s toy dog.  Zoey was playing with this dog and when I walked over to pick it up I noticed it was covering in blood.  Zoey has been losing her baby teeth and obviously she lost one while playing with this toy dog.  The white on the dog was all red.  It was disgusting.  I wanted to just throw the dog away but baby J had a fit and started to cry over her toy dog.

This toy dog moves and jumps around so I couldn’t just throw it in the washer machine.  So I put it in the kitchen sink and gave it a bath.  I was cracking up in between the moment of disgust at the fact that I am washing a fake dog in the sink.  Go figure.

The dog is now sitting on the counter drying off and baby J is happy to have a clean dog.

Guess I should give the real dog a bath now too.

All in a days work!  LOL

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