Week 3 – Weigh In (5 weeks PG)

03 Feb

Obviously I now know why my numbers are not going down the way I expect them to.  LOL  Todays numbers are not impressive.  I have to admit that I did slack this week.  I have been a bit more tired and a bit more hungry this week.  Gummy bears got the best of me this week.  I have tried to stay on track and to continue to walk and to eat healthy.  I plan to continue doing what I am doing until I see the doctor in a few weeks.  Today I am exactly 5 weeks along.  So I guess my weigh in is going to be going in the opposite direction for the next 9 months.  LOL  I will probably just keep you all posted on the progress and my weight but I may not keep track of all my measurements (depending on how bad they get).  LOL  As of today here are my numbers.

I am down .4 lbs from last week.  Not bad. Lets see how this progresses.  🙂

Measurements 1/27/12                               Measurements 2/03/12                                                                    Waist(at bend)  31″                                     Waist(at bend)  31″                                                                               Waist(at belly button) 35 1/2″                     Waist(at belly button) 35 1/2″                                                                Hips  37″                                                     Hips  36 3/4″                                                                                       Thighs 23″                                                  Thighs 23″                                                                                           Arms  13″                                                    Arms  13″

Not a big change this week as I am sure my body is gearing up to get fatter.  hahaha

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