Happy Girl, Happy Dog!

11 Feb

D went to the movies tonight to see Star Wars in 3-D.  So I decided to take baby J to the pet store so I could get the fish food I need.  Baby J loves to go look at all the animals and see the fish so I knew this would be a good distraction to D leaving and baby J freaking out.  It worked perfectly.  D left and we made it to the pet store.  Stopped and checked out all the animals and then went to see the fish.  I was good and didn’t buy anything for the fish tank.  They had this really cool Dog Face Puffer fish.  Baby J and I watched him for a while.  He was just so cool looking. 

Then we walked over to see the fresh water fish and saw some of the coolest fish I have ever seen, Glo Fish.  These things were too cool.  Baby J loved them too.  I couldn’t get her away from them and of course they are right at the level that a toddler can see without any help and never want to leave those fish.  We have been toying with the idea of getting a small fish tank for her room but never have gotten one.  So tonight I gave in and got her a little fish tank and some awesome Glo Fish.  They glow under a black light!  How cool is that?

Then we got the fish food I came for and got Zoey some pig ears.  She loves these things.  I went into the pet store for one thing of fish food and I left with a new fish tank, new fish, dog food and treats, and fish food.  Geez, what is wrong with this picture?  LOL  I have to say that I do have one happy girl and one happy dog.  Lets see if the wife is as happy when she gets home from her movie.  hahahaha

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