Texas bound!

16 Feb

In exactly 1 1/2 hours we will be on the road to the airport.  I should be in bed sleeping and enjoying the 5 hours of sleep I was supposed to be getting tonight but instead I am sitting in the living room in the dark typing away.  I wish my body and my brain cooperated more.  My body insists that it can run on 3 hours of sleep and my brain keeps screaming for 5 more hours.  I am sure one day my brain will win.  I just hope it’s sooner than later.  LOL  And then I wonder why baby J doesn’t sleep???

ANYWAYS!  We will be on our way to Texas.  I am so very excited as we will be joining Trina and Robin in the Keep the Beat, Its My Heart, Walk.  We will be walking with Team Linus and giving any support we can for this great family.  They just found out this week that Linus will be going in for yet another open heart surgery to try to repair his little heart.  I believe the surgery is scheduled for Monday and I just can’t imagine what they are going through right now.  Please keep them in your prayers and if you can support us in donating for the walk that would be wonderful. You can follow them and Linus at A Story of Two Moms and you can donate to the walk at Keep the beat.

While in Texas we will also be visiting Uncle R!  We havent seen him since Baby J was baptised.  It will be wonderful to see him again and I am sure he will cracking up at all of baby J’s antics.  D has corrupted her so much that she is our usual entertainment most nights.  Also she was only a month old the last time he saw here and now that she is 2 she is a hoot.  I cant wait to see what he thinks of her now.  I am so happy baby J will get to spend this time with him and so thankful to have such great family in her life.

We will also be meeting up with some friends of ours while we are there, C and T.  These are girls we met a few years back at the Disney Gay Days.  We all stayed at the same hotel and had a blast the entire time we were there.  We formed a great friendship with them and havent seen them since I was pregnant with baby J.  I am so excited they will be coming over to meet up with us as well.  This should be a great vacation.

In the meantime, back at home our kitchen is going to be retiled while we are gone.  This has me a bit nervous since we will not be home for this but at the same time I will be happy it is done while we are away and I don’t have to corral baby J and Zoey while our house is being torn up.  My awesome dad is going to be coming over and keeping an eye on things while we are away and that is going to be a HUGE help.  It will be nice to come home and see the new tile.  Hopefully this all plays out without any issues.

Zoey is at a cool place as well.  I checked out some places to have her stay while we are gone and was having ah hard time finding one that I liked that didn’t feel like a dog pound.  I didn’t like the idea that my puppy was going to be locked up in a pen all day and only let out 3 times a day to pee and play.  For the amount of money I am paying to have her taken care of I think that is just ridiculous.  I finally found a great place for her.  This lady runs a boarding business out of her house.  She has over 3 acres of land had has different play yards for the dogs and also had a splash zone for them to play in the water.  The set up is really great and Zoey will get to stay in the house with them and be loved and taken care of while we are gone.  I was so thrilled to be able to find this place and I know Zoey will be much happier there as well.  She will get to play with all the other dogs all day long and just have a blast.  PLUS it was cheaper than the kennel, go figure!

Baby J is so excited to fly on an airplane. She has been asking to go on one since the last time we flew so I cant wait to get her back to the airport.  I”m sure we have lots of adventures to share.

So I am going to try to get an hour of sleep before we leave.  I really don’t think that is going to happen but hey we will give it a try.

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