Keep The Beat Walk

19 Feb

Yesterday was such a miserable day.  We were woken up by the rain around 7:30.  I looked outside and it was pouring.  The walk started at 10am so we needed to get moving since we still needed to get our race packets from registration.  So we decided to head to the Target and get some umbrellas and rain coats.  It was pouring the entire time.  We made it to the Target got the umbrellas and rain coats.  When we left it was still raining but not as hard – good sign!  I checked the radar and it showed that there was a pretty big band of rain but it looked like it was going to pass.  So we decided to head to the race.  We got there and parked and headed over to registration to get our packets.  As we walked to registration it started to rain even harder.  The wind was blowing and the rain was pouring and it was cold.  We made it to the registration tent and got our packets and shirts.  Then we started to head to the starting line.  The whole place was flooded and soaked.  As we approached the starting line the thunder hit.  Baby J was scared and started to cry.  She was cold, wet and scared.  We decided to go back to the car and not do the walk.  I didn’t want everyone to be sick from the rain and I didn’t want to have my baby girl scared the whole time.  So we went back to the car. 

Uncle R and G were meeting us at the walk.  So we called them when we got back to the car.  They were still looking for parking.  As D talked to him on the phone, I changed baby J into some dry clothes.  We sat there and waited for them to find us.  As we waited for them the rain stopped.  So we decided to go ahead and stay and do the walk.  The guys came to the parking garage and as we stood there saying hello it started to pour down rain again.  UGGG it was so frustrating.  We stood there again debating if we should do the walk or not.  There were others that have already started to leave.  They had cold wet little kids as well and no one was having any fun.  The rain let up a bit and we walked to the starting line.  I tucked an umbrella down the side of the stroller and tucked baby J in with a sweater.  I held the top of the umbrellas as I pushed the stroller.  We got to the starting line right about 10 and they were starting the walk.  We huddled under the overpass with a bunch of other people trying to stay dry.  We stood there again debating over the walk.  As we stood there debating the rain seemed to stop.  We then decided to just go ahead and go for it, this was after all what we came to do.

It was now about 10:30 and we decided to start the walk.  As we started the walk there were runners that were already coming up to the finish line.  LOL  We walked at a pretty brisk pace.  We passed many people who were walking slower than us, many with small children that were cold and wet and wanting to be carried.  We cheered the runners on that were coming up to the finish line.  We even saw some young kids that had run the entire walk.  It was great to see.  There was a pretty great turn out even with all the rain.

About 5 minutes into the walk, baby J fell asleep.  We kept on walking.  We made it to the half way mark and turned around.  This was the first time we stopped worrying about the rain and started to enjoy the walk.  The rain had completely stopped and we were all walking for a great cause.  As we came up to the finish line we all decided to run.  We ran and crossed the finish line with smiles on our faces.  We did it!!!  We all got participation medals as we crossed the finish line and baby J slept through the entire thing.  Right after we crossed the finish line it started to pour down rain again.  It was great timing but I felt bad for everyone who was still walking.  I headed straight for the parking garage to get out of the rain.  I had 3 others close behind.  🙂  We were soaked by the time we got back to the parking garage.  We stood there for a minute and laughed and said we all had a great time and it was perfect that it didn’t rain on us during the walk.  We were so glad we did it and it was a great feeling when it was all done with.

Trina, Robin and the boys were not able to make the walk since Linus will be going in for surgery tomorrow morning.  We are sending many prayers out that the surgery goes well and Linus is home very soon.  We are proud to say we did this for Linus and all the other children that have to deal with such a hard life and the ones that are no longer here.  God bless them all!

Pictures from the walk:

Baby J asleep with the umbrella keeping her dry and the wind off of her and the sweater keeping her warm.  D trying to keep up with me.  LOL

Soaked after the walk.

With Uncle R.

Uncle R and D.  Can you tell these two are related?

My sleeping princess.

She stayed as warm and dry as we could make her.  Must have been pretty comfy to sleep through it all.

She got a medal and a shirt for participating in the race as well.  She was very proud of it and wore it the rest of the day.  My baby girls first 5K.  Way to go baby J!


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