1000 Miles in 2012

06 Mar

My goal this year is to go 1000 miles.  I can run, bike or walk or do whatever I want to get there but I have to get in 1000 miles this year.  For any of you math peeps out there, I am obviously a bit behind where I should be.  1000 miles divided by 12 months is 83.33 miles per month.  In January I had 53.35 miles and in February I had 59.32 miles.  So I definitely need to make up some ground here.  I need to go roughly 88.733 miles for the next 10 months to reach my goal.  I am starting to wonder if I am out of my league here.

I track my progress and my standings in this challenge on  As of today I am currently in 134th place out of 236 people.  I personally don’t think the standings are all fair since the top leaders are well over 1000 miles already and are all bikers.  But whatever!  Guess I can go out and bike 10 miles and make up some ground but I probably wont.  LOL

I am running faster and I am feeling much more comfortable with my runs.  I am hoping as the year progresses that this will only become easier to do and that I will be running 6 miles in an hour soon.  LOL  YES I know wishful thinking right?  But this is still my goal and I plan to continue to work at it until the end of the year.  And if by chance I don’t make this goal then I think I will be pretty damn proud of the miles I did get anyways.  Hell I am pretty happy with having 126.77 miles in already.  I think that is an accomplishment all in itself.

I also plan on signing up and running a 5K race soon.  The 5K in Houston was a walk not a race so this would be my first 5K race for the year.  I also plan on being able to run as much of it as I can.  So we will see how that goes.  I am building my confidence up and think it will happen sooner than later.  🙂


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One response to “1000 Miles in 2012

  1. Terry Tarte

    March 6, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Keep up the good work. You are doing good!!!!!!!!


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