Stupid people make me want to drink

09 Mar

I really hate dealing with stupid people.  Obviously my post yesterday was due to my frustration with said stupid people.  I will not go into a lot of details but lets just say we are trying to help out some kids and the system is such a pleasure to work with.  NOT!  I will always go back to a favorite, and very true, statement “stupid people shouldnt breed” or work for the government I might add.  These are the nights I just want to sit and drink and shake my head at the way our government works.   I mean seriously can there really be that many morons that work in the same place?  Is it a requirement on the application that you have to be a complete idiot with no common sense to work there?  I am seriously beginning to think this is the case.  I often sit and wonder how the president and congress have so many issues all the time and then I get the pleasure of dealing with a small portion of our government-run system and I can clearly see why it’s all so fucked up.  Shit obviously rolls downhill and the further down you are the more the system runs like shit! 

*Small rant*  Okay I’m done!  Thanks for listening.  🙂

Anyways, today is another day.  I do not have high expectations for the day when it comes to these said stupid people but we are going to Sea World so I plan to have a good day.  LOL   *Pics to follow*

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