Running is running right?

11 Mar

I have been doing really good lately with my runs.  I have been building up my speed and the length of time I can run without walking.  I have been really impressed with how this has been working out and I am pleased with the progress I have made.  Up until this weekend, I have exclusively ran indoors on a treadmill.

This past two days I have run the block we live on.  I have quickly come to the conclusion that all running is not created equal.  I had a much harder time running around the block than I have running on the treadmill.  At first I couldn’t figure out why I could only run for a minute before I was out of breath.  D told me I was running to fast and it looked like I was sprinting.  She was right.  I didn’t have any knowledge of the pace I was going.  On the treadmill I know I can run at 5 mph with no problem.  I didn’t have this outside so I had to try to pace myself and control how fast I was going.  Once I slowed down my pace I did much better.  My treadmill also has a bounce to it and I can set how soft or hard my run is.  Outside I cannot do that.  There is no give to the concrete road.  Then to top it all off the wind is blowing right at you and you have no control over that either.  So I found myself having to use more force to not only propel my own body to move forward instead of just keeping myself in one place on the treadmill and then using more force to propel my body in that same forward motion while going head first into the wind.  All running is NOT created equal!  Running outside is much more challenging than running indoors on a treadmill.

D has been so supportive.  She has been very encouraging of my runs, even though there are times when I can hear her mental thoughts saying “really you are going to run again?  I wish you would do the dishes instead.”  But she doesn’t say this.  She helps me find time to get a run in, even if its only for a mile around the block.  Yesterday I took the kids for a bike ride and gave D some alone time.  When I got back we played outside and this was the first time I ran around the block.  After we came in for the night I looked at my bike ride and run on Endomondo.  She laughed and said “My wife the triatlete”  LOL  NO NO NO – I quickly responded.  Your wife can’t swim so that will never happen.  I can walk, run, or bike but cannot swim.  I am so blessed that I have such a great wife.

I am looking to get a jogging stroller so I can do more runs outside so that I will be better prepared to run a 5K.  This would be good since they are all run outdoors and not on a treadmill.  LOL  Anyone have thoughts on a good jogger?

So yesterday I biked for 5 miles then ran 1 mile outside.  Today I biked for 5.5 miles and ran 1 mile.  I have to say I am also surprised at the different muscles you use biking verses running.  My legs are screaming for a day off.  Tomorrow will be my off day.  I will do try to get the shred in after work but no biking or running tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Running is running right?

  1. Amber

    March 11, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    I could have told you that silly!

  2. Terry Tarte

    March 11, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    You will need to try running on the beach too! Have fun!!!


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