Short run today

15 Mar

After being sick and not running for 3 days, today was a rough run.  I only made it 2.12 miles in 27 minutes.  Not great but I thought I was going to die at the end of the fun.  That’s okay I will get back to it this week and make up for the short miles.  On the plus side I did this run outside and I got to test out the new jogging stroller.  I must say I LOVE this stroller – even after just one run.

It is very light weight and easy to run with.  At first when I went over a few bumps the whole stroller shook and the wheels wobbled.  Then I realized I didn’t have the front wheel locked.  Once I locked the front wheel there was no more shaking or wobble.  It ran so smooth and was really easy to steer.

These pics are post run so baby J had already jumped out.

I love this mesh pouch.  It holds all the little stuff that I need to have access to without being cluttered and in my way.  The front tray has a swing arm as well.  Like that too.

This is the little speaker for the iPod.  It’s great because you can play the music and the kids can hear it.  The down side is that you can’t really hear it to well.  I might have to get a splitter so I can still wear my ear buds instead.  I don’t know.  On the plus side I am not distracted my not being able to hear cars or people while I run so I might just leave it be.  We will see.  Baby J thought it was great she could listen to her music while we ran.

The top holder has two cup holders and a center storage.  I love that the cup holders have the rubber around them.  Keeps the water bottles from wobbling around and falling out.  So smart.

The handle bar is adjustable and has rubber grips and there is a storage basket underneath.

I love the 5 point harness and the canopy.  It has a clear piece on the end and can move all the way down to keep sun or rain out.  This was pretty easy for baby J to move around on her own so she could adjust it as needed and I didn’t need to stop in the middle of my run to adjust it for her.

This is the lock/unlock release for the front wheel.  Very easy to get to and adjust as needed (since I had to do this after I started my run).  LOL  Quick and easy – great idea!

I was exhausted but I was glad I got my run in today.  I tried to go early so it wasnt to hot but as you can see I was still sweating my butt off.  Baby J was complaining she was cold.  Guess the wind on her was a bit much this early in the morning.  Her blanky will come with next time.  🙂

She thought her shadow was cool to see.

Nothing like a morning run in your jammies and crocks.  🙂  I have to say she did seem much more entertained while we ran instead of our normal walks.  At one point while I was taking a walk break she told me to “go fast”.  I think she likes this running thing too.  LOL

I am very impressed with the way my run went today and I am so happy with this jogger.  YAY!


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One response to “Short run today

  1. Terry Tarte

    March 15, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    You are doing good. Keep it up!


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