Up All Night……… Mondays Suck!

19 Mar

So I was so proud of myself for sticking to my plan and not drinking any green beer.  Trust me with everyone else there drinking I was definitely wanting some.  But I stuck to my plan and drank my green water.  I also decided to fill up on water to keep from munching on food and going over my calories.  I did eat some fruit and veggies and then I had corn beef and cabbage.  I did great and had a good time.  I managed to drink 5 bottles of water while I was there.

We made it home around 8:30 and then got baby J in the bath.  Finally made it to bed around 10:30 or so.  By 12:30 I was wide awake and could not sleep.  I got up and messed around on the computer like I always do when I can’t sleep.  Usually it only takes about an hour or so before I am ready to head back to bed.  Well 5:30 rolled around and I was still awake.  Decided to go back to bed anyways and try to get an hour nap in before we started our Sunday.  I did manage to get back to sleep and was up by 7:30 for the day.

When I told D I was up all night she asked why?  I told her I didn’t know but I was wide awake and felt wired.  Then I started thinking about what I ate or drank.  Then it hit me!!!  The green water I was drinking all night was Mio Liquid Energy!  As I carefully read the bottle (after the fact is always a good time to read it)  the bottle clearly states “Do not add to caffeinated drinks!  Each shot contains 60 mg of caffeine.”  Holy crap!  No wonder I was up all night.  I was hyped up on caffeine.   Geez go figure, I try to be good and look what happens.  LOL

On the plus side, D and I got a nice long walk in yesterday.  We went 5.33 miles and then hung out in the back yard.  Baby J played in the pool while D sat in the sun.  I layed in a lawn chair tanning my fat.  🙂

It was at about 3pm that I started to hit a major brick wall.  I was exhausted.  HMMM  wonder why.  Finally made it to bed around 9:30 last night.

I forgot to set my alarm for work this morning so I over slept.  This was only by about 15 minutes since D did come and wake me up but I don’t give myself any spare time in the morning to begin with so 15 minutes is late.  Way to start off my Monday.  Then after I rushed through my shower D comes into the bathroom and told me the garage was flooded.  I turned on my reverse osmosis system yesterday to make some water so I can do a tank change on my saltwater fish tank this week.  Well apparently I forgot to turn the water off last night.  So after the container was full it just continued to flood out the garage as the night continued.  Wonderful!  Okay we will deal with that after work.  It technically was not flooded but it was soaked from all the water running all night.  As I packed my lunch, got my coffee and packed the car, I walk into the living room and the dog crapped in the middle of the carpet.  NICE!  And of course she has had the shits the past few days so I will let you all imagine what that was like.  So now I am even more late for work.  Clean that up and now baby J is up.  Grab her and some clothes and get her in the car.  Put the dog in her cage and finally am off to work.  Oh Monday why do you mess with me like you do?  Got to work 20 minutes late.

Happy Monday everyone!

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3 responses to “Up All Night……… Mondays Suck!

  1. Terry Tarte

    March 19, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    This too shall pass!!! Be well soon…..

  2. KJ and the Kids

    March 19, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    This is why you should have had the beer. It would have knocked your ass right out.

    I went to bed at 2 am and was up again at 4:30 am. I do believe there might just be some other reason for your wide awakingness….I think there is something in the universe that’s off.

    I think we should both drink beer and go to bed at 7:30 pm tonight. 🙂
    We deserve it.

    • Two Moms

      March 19, 2012 at 6:57 pm

      RIGHT! Totally should have had the beer and slept. LOL I wish I could get baby J in bed before 9pm but that isnt going to happen unless I give her some of my beer too. 🙂


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