12 Minute Mile

28 Mar

Today I really was not feeling like running.  My legs are sore from yesterday and I am just exhausted.  I only had about 13 more miles to get in this month to hit my goal so I thought “what the hell, I will just do 2 miles”  Well I started with a 2 minute warm up walk then ran for 2 minutes.  Back to walk for 2 minutes then run for 2 minutes.  I did this for the first mile.  Then I decided I was going to run the second mile.  So I set the treadmill to 5 mph and off I went.  At 5 mph you will run a mile in 12 minutes. At about 6 minutes in I was done and didn’t want to run anymore but I kept repeating to myself.

Well I wasnt puking or fainting and I didn’t die, although I felt like I wanted to, so I kept going.  Then I hit 8 minutes and then I hit 10 minutes.   I kept going!  I was almost done.  Then at 11 minutes baby J decided she wanted to come sit on the front of the treadmill and wait for me to finish.  Do you know how hard it is to run when you have a 2-year-old with a handful of My Little Pony’s trying to get seated on the front of a treadmill that is moving at 5 mph?  I am trying to tell her to be careful and go sit somewhere else and still continue to keep my focus and run.  She was not listening and all I could see was my baby girl flying off the treadmill into me and then the wall behind me.  I tell her again to move and go sit somewhere else.  I only had 30 seconds to go.  Finally baby J got up and sat in a chair and I finished my run.

I ran for 12 minutes without stopping.  I ran 1 mile in 12 minutes.  I believe this is my best time ever.  I know this is only one mile but I am so excited I did it.  I am bound and determine to be able to run and to get my knees stronger.  I am going to do this or it is going to kill me.  I prefer the first scenario so lets all pull for that one, Ok?  LOL

This picture sums up what it felt like for me.

LMAO  Yup I am pretty sure I am that bottom one.   🙂  I don’t care – I ran 1 mile in 12 minutes!  WOOHOO!  *happy dance*

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