Easy day???

04 Apr

With the great run I had yesterday I figured I would go for an easy day today.  So instead of running I thought I would do a workout DVD instead.  So I looked at the DVD’s that I have (all of them are Jillian Michaels or P90X) and decided to go ahead and do Jillian Michaels “No More Trouble Zones”.  It’s pretty much a 40 minute total body workout.  Sweet!  Sounds like a good workout.

So while baby J was napping I decided to take advantage of the time.  I popped in the DVD and was ready to go.  You have the option to pick just one of the circuits or to do the whole 40 minute circuit. I choose the whole 40 minute circuit.  I figured if I wasn’t running I might as well get a good workout in.

OMG let me tell you that Jillian kicked my ass today!  This is one hell of a total body workout.  My entire body is screaming for mercy right now.  She totally targets every inch of your body and makes it burn.  Some of the moves I could not do but I did my best to make a modified move and kept on going.  I did pause a few times to catch my breath or take a minute since it burned so bad but for the most part I kept up with her fairly well.

I have to say with as hard as that workout was Jillian is so motivating through the entire thing and really keeps you going.  Just when you want to stop she says “Dont stop, Keep going, I know you can do it and I know its hard but give me all you have.”  Wonder how she knew I was ready to stop?  LOL  Then at the end she says how hard her DVD is and how proud she is that you made it to the end.  That was a great feeling.  I did make it to the end and it was hard and my body is still complaining from it.

So what started out as and easy day turned into a great total body workout that burned 322 calories.  🙂  So much for an easy day.  Guess there really is no such thing.  LOL

What do you do on your “easy day”?

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One response to “Easy day???

  1. loseitbig

    April 4, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    I guess I don’t have to watch that DVD you ruined the ending. I know she will tell me she is proud. I am not going to ask you how the Hunger Games ends. Does Katniss win? NOOO! DON’T TELL ME. My easy day was running 5.35 miles in 50 minutes followed by some ab work.


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