Upcoming 5K Race

08 May

I have run 5K races before but was never very fast and it was more just for the benefit that the race was supporting than anything else.  D and I even did the Iron Girl 5K a few years back.  This was before baby J was even a thought in our heads and before I had double knee surgery.

The Iron Girl race was this past April and I debated signing up for it.  The thing that stopped me was the fact that this race has a huge hill that you must run up and down and then back up and down again – although I was told that they changed the course and you only have to go up and down it once now.  Either way I just didn’t think my knees were ready for that just yet.  So we decided to pass on that race this year.

On Saturday D and I are running our first 5K race this year.  This is the first race since my knee surgery and since baby J has been born and since I have been running and losing weight.  I am very excited about this race and I think I am ready for it.  I have been running outside with baby J in the jogger – which is a lot harder than running solo.  I have also been able to get in a few solo runs – thanks to my wonderful wife and great mom for watching baby J while I go run.  This has been really great for helping me prepare for this race.  Last sunday I ran my 5K loop solo and I did it in 33:47 – that is the fastest time I have ever had.  That was also with a 4 minute walk break in there.  I think I started off too fast and then needed to walk after the 2nd mile for a bit.    My goal for the race this weekend is to be under 33 minutes.  I am not sure I will hit that goal but we will see.

I have also purchased a Garmin 210 which I love.  This has helped me with keeping my pace under control while I am running outside.  I know if my pace is too fast I will not be able to run the entire time so I need to keep that in mind for this race.  My mom will be watching baby J for us so we can run our best.  It is a chip timed race and I cant wait to see how we do.  D has been running on the treadmill and has been doing very well.

My training for the half is going good too.  I have not run more than 3.13 miles yet.  After this weekends race I am going to start increasing my miles.  This will get me more prepared for the half marathon in November.  Nervous about that race but its a while away and as long as I keep training I will be fine.

How many of you have run 5K races?  How was your first one?  What was your mindset like?

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