Unofficial Race Results

12 May

This mornings race was awesome.  We had a great time and the turn out was about 6,500 people.  When we got there this morning it was cold.  We both had goose bumps and had to run around and do some jumping jacks to keep warm.   After a bit we started to warm up and come race time we were good to go.  The 5 mile racers went first and then the 5K racers and then the 5K walkers.

So we funneled into to starting shoot and prepared for the race.  iPod started and secured – check.  Shoes tied tight – check.  Garmin ready to go – check.  Polar HRM ready to go – check.  A “good luck” to my wife and we were off.

The crowd was huge.  D and I were right in the middle of it.  You could definitely feel the adrenaline of all the other runners and it felt good.  D and I were side by side and running strong.  We were running at a much faster pace than either of were use to running but we were going and running with the crowd.  Still side by side we hit the one mile mark.  Garmin time was 9:59.  By this time the crowd had started to spread out a bit but not much.  We hit the first water stop.  I ran past and grabbed a cup of water.  I lost half the water as I hit the glass to grab it and the other half all down my chin as I tried to drink and run at the same time.  LOL  This was something I was not prepared for.  I think I got about 3 drops into my mouth and the rest went down my chin and shirt.  Drinking while running is not easy.  I just hope no one saw me look like a complete moron trying to drink water and run.  🙂

I lost D at the water station.  About 5 mins later I saw her on the right of me.  I went to the water station on the left she went to the right.  Side by side we hit mile 2.  Garmin time was 10:25.  At this point I knew I could not keep the pace I was running.  I needed to slow it down a bit or I was not going to make it.  D started slowing down as well.  She was also starting to feel the hurt of running to fast.  Then came water station 2.  After my experience at station 1, I chose to skip this water station for fear of another water mishap.  At mile 2.4 I needed to drop down to a walk.  I could feel my left side starting to cramp and I needed to slow my breathing if I was going to avoid a horrible cramp and be able to finish this race.  I walked briskly for 2 minutes then picked my run back up.  I was running at a more comfortable pace for myself.  D continued to run as was a bit ahead of me at this point but I could still see her.

I felt like everyone in the race was passing me and I had to reassure myself that I was running my race and I needed to do it at my pace and not keep up with everyone else and kill myself.  At about this point the hills came.  First was downhill and I used this to my advantage to make up ground for the walk break.  I let gravity help push me along.  It worked and I was side by side with D again.  Then came the uphill.  I used the momentum from my downhill to get he up the hill but it was still rough.  I believe I passed D at this point.  Water station 3 – I decided to walk and grab a good drink at this point.  D took the lead again.  I walked for about a minute and then picked up my run again.  D was ahead of me at mile 3.  Garmin time was 11:07.  Knowing I was getting close to the end I stepped up my pace and was right behind D.  Then – the final turn to the finish line!

I saw D just ahead of me on the left.  She was in a huge group and I knew I didn’t want to fight through that.  I made my move and took the outside right.  I was in full sprint as I went out to wide right.  I passed D and the group she was in.  As I was just feet from the finish line I saw the guy taking pictures.  I thought “great this is going to be an awesome picture.  Full sprint mode and I am going to smile for it”  Just as I came up to the camera guy a girl came around me on the right and cut off my awesome picture.  I was pissed!  I hope the guy got my pic before she cut me off.  I continued my sprint to the finish line and it felt awesome.  I did it!

I turn to see where D was and she was just crossing the finish line.  She did awesome.  As we grabbed water she said to me “I thought you were behind me?  How did you beat me?”  LOL  I told her I did my final sprint and gave it my all.  She told me she didn’t have anything left to give.   🙂  She did awesome and I am so proud of both of us.

My unofficial garmin time was 34:19 for 3.24 miles.  I started my garmin a bit before I crossed the start line so I think my time will be around 33:56.  Official race times have not been posted yet.  The crowd was awesome and we had so much fun.  I cant wait to do this agin.  I am really happy with my first face and time.  I think its pretty good.


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5 responses to “Unofficial Race Results

  1. loseitbig

    May 12, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    You guys are awesome. There is a science to grabbing the water squeezing the cup and drinking it while running. Now the real fun is when you try to drink a beer from a solo cup while running at about the 12 mile mark of a half marathon…foam up my nose and i smelled beer the rest of the way in…but i finished the beer.

    • Two Moms

      May 12, 2012 at 7:33 pm

      LOL I will have to practice that technique. Just dont spill the beer. 🙂

  2. Terry Tarte

    May 13, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    WTG!!!!!!!! I am impressed.

    btw Happy Mother’s Day to both of you!!!

  3. cookiemonster03

    May 14, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    awesome job! Congrats!


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