Sweating It Out!

08 Jun

So even though I have not been feeling good, I have still gotten my workouts in.  I wish I could say that it was because I am that dedicated to my workouts that I have to get them in or I feel bad.  To a point that is true, but when I don’t feel good that is usually the last thing I want to do.  But for some reason when I am getting a cold and feel like crap, if I go and do something to start sweating it makes me feel better and I feel like my cold clears up faster.  I am not sure why this is or if it’s just in my head but I swear I can sweat it out.  Of course I feel like crap and don’t want to workout but I know I will feel better faster in the long run.

Today I was feeling a bit better than yesterday.  I didn’t have the sore throat like I did yesterday but today my nose is running more.  So I decided to get my run in.  I had no motivation to do this and I did not get my happy ass on the treadmill until 2 this afternoon but I had a good run.  I felt good and I ran for 3 miles.  I also decided to start to add in some strength training to my workouts.  So today after my run I hopped on my total gym.

I did arms and abs today.  This is always fun to lift weight when you have an added 25 pounds sitting on your back or stomach.  Baby J thought this was a fun ride.  So I had a great workout today.  Tonight I am feeling much better.  I really believe you can sweat out a cold.  My appetite is still not the greatest but I am sure that is not going to hurt my extra pounds I am trying to lose again.  LOL

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