Guest Room vs. Home Gym

09 Jun

Today has been a busy day for us.  We have been up since around 6am this morning.  D and I were driving and started talking about working out and training and then about the extra room that we currently have.  It was originally a guest room and then it was going to be the babies room.  Baby J got new toddler furniture and the crib and nursery furniture was moved into the second room for the new baby.  After the second miscarriage, we just closed the door to that room and we really haven’t done anything with it since.

So today we were talking about what we should do with it since it is just sitting there useless right now.  So we talked about changing it back into a guest room.  We do have people stay with us now and again.  We also talked about  changing it into a home gym.  I voted for the home gym and D said we should make it a guest room.  Then I said I would prefer to make it into something we can use more than 4 times a year.  Right now the treadmill and total gym are in the same room as my home office and it is very, very cramped.  And making it into a guest room again would me getting the bedroom furniture out of my sisters storage unit and putting the baby furniture into storage.  Either way the baby furniture needed to go into storage.

After talking it out a bit more we decided it would be more beneficial to make it into a home gym. And the we can maybe get a pull out couch or futon for guests.  Not sure on that one just yet but that is the talks.  Woohoo I am so excited for a home gym.  So I called and got the storage unit set up and got everything set with getting a small truck to move the stuff in and then told D that we can move it all today and get the home gym going.  Bless her for putting up with me and my lack of patience.  She tells me all the time “I mention something and you just go and do it”.  Well yeah that is just the way I am.  No time to waste talking it over 10 times.  Make a decision and let’s do it.  Thank God she loves me and puts up with all this!  🙂

Needless to say this was not how she intended to spend her weekend.  We spent a few hours moving furniture from our place to the storage unit and then a few more hours cleaning and moving furniture inside our house.  Baby J is always such a trooper when it comes to this kind of stuff and just goes along with the flow.  She was a big help today moving stuff.

After the room was all emptied and cleaned we go to move the treadmill into to it.  That is when we realized the treadmill is bigger than the door opening to the room.  Okay seriously we have a treadmill that big?  We took the arms off of it and the top panel and it still wouldn’t fit through the door.  We tried turning it on its side and the didn’t work either.  So we put it back into the office thinking there was just no way it was going to fit and all the work we did today was for nothing.

D went and got in the shower and I went online to find the owner’s manual to my treadmill.  I figured out a way to take it apart to make it fit through the door.  It worked and I was able to get the treadmill into the room.  D got out of the shower and looked at me like I was nuts.  I don’t like when I am told “that won’t work”.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!  I found a way.

So after a long day of work and moving we finally have a room we can call a home gym.  I am so excited and so is D.  It is definitely a work in progress but at least all our workout stuff is in one room all by itself now.  I am going to order some rubber floor for the room and get a stand for the TV.  Also we talked about some mirrors for the walls.  We will see.  Its going to be great to be able to just go in there and workout and have everything already set up.

If and when a second baby comes along – well we will cross that bridge when we get there.  I told D that I wasn’t changing it into a nursery until I was 6 months pregnant.  LOL

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