The Election

08 Nov

This in no way is going to be a long political view post that states who I voted for and why or who I think should have won and why.  Nor will it be a long rant on why I am  or am not disappointed in who won the election.

I want to share a post from someone who has put her thoughts down and I feel has done an amazing job.  I cannot agree with her more and I am please to say that I know this amazing woman personally. I feel her post is spot on and I feel the need to share this.  Whether your a republican or a democrat I think you will find this post to be a great read.


It’s About That Time: My Once-In-A-Decade Soapbox~

Republicans are not the problem, Conservatives Are.
The sad truth is that a political party that historically has respectfully built its foundation on the idea that economic well-being is essential, far over social concerns, has greased the wheels of the Republican campaign float with stifling, insoluble, far-right conservative social ideals. It is this facet that sealed the fate of the Republican party yesterday. It’s one thing to staunchly argue that the only thing that matters right now is the economic structure of the nation, but the American people have proven that they won’t stand for that argument while the Republican party tries to roll into the white house on an old, loud and socially repressive campaign strategy.

In an economic environment where the enacting of an authentic republican (not to be confused with a muddled conservative) and even slightly libertarian plan may have been helpful or at least provided a change in the wind (the world may never know), the Republican campaign decided to run on a platform in favor of a conservative agenda, and that was their downfall. Republicans lost the opportunity to provide their form of respite and what may have been the balm of Gilead to the economy by not only ignoring the concerns of the masses, but they threw their lot in with the narrow-minded social views of yesterday, whom just so happen to be the new minority. Is the Republican party really that worried that by opening its doors to the masses of minorities, women and under-privileged members of this great nation, getting back to moderate stances on social concerns, that the old white guys will suddenly throw in their lots with the left wing? Really? Because I don’t see that happening. They might complain, but at least their party would be in office.

Telling someone what they should be concerned about is not the same as listening to what their concerns really are. Instead of the republican campaign saying to the women, minorities and under-privileged voters, ‘I hear you, and you are absolutely right, those things are important, this is what we are going to do first so we can then turn to tackle those concerns next together…’ they decided not to listen at all. They decided to belittle and ignore the concerns of the perceived underdogs. The problem is, the minorities, the underemployed, and the women are no longer the minor population. The simple truth is, people don’t vote for a party that does not appear concerned about their rights, their needs, or their equality. It’s all very well to say that all that matters right now is the economy, and as far as a first tier step, you may be right. There’s only one problem: people (especially the ones the republican party needed/needs to win over) don’t easily divorce social concerns from economic ones. For many in the new majority, they are one and the same.

The fact of the matter is, our constitution calls for a religiously free nation, where all people are free and all people are created equal. That’s just facts.

In a world where women are no longer just home-makers and soccer moms, where minorities are no longer outliers, and where hundreds of thousands of Americans have proven that sharing your life with someone you love takes just as much sacrifice and therefore deserves equal rewards no matter who that person is, the ‘my way or the highway’ conservative views no longer suffice. Your way doesn’t work anymore, and the highway has been promising Change (however slowly). If women are expected to have a career needed to contribute to a double-income household, obtain a higher education to do so and still find a way to fit in a spouse and children, access to affordable family planning care is a necessity along with the right to execute that plan along a successful trajectory. Anyone who says that this is not an economically linked concern is kidding themselves and does not have a grasp on the historical expansion of women leaders in the workforce. If the LGBT entrepreneurs are expected or encouraged to participate in offering any kind of healthcare benefits (whether through states or federal legislation) to their employees, wouldn’t it be understandable for them to expect those benefits to also encompass their own loved ones?

All in all, yesterday’s election proved that while the red-faced conservatives driving the republican party are busy screaming at the top of their lungs that all the social concerns of the shifting population are irrelevant except for theirs, the women and minorities, who should have historically and presently been very easy wins for the republican party, are no longer holding their breath, they’re just turning blue.




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3 responses to “The Election

  1. Rebekah Ehrich

    November 8, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    Wow V! Thanks! I’m really touched that you would post this on your blog. It means a lot. I hope it helps some people in whatever way it can!

  2. Terry A Tarte

    November 8, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Well said!
    I had a similar conversation yesterday – the GOP stance regarding ‘social concerns’ was their downfall. The electiion was a wake-up call. Let’s hope congress got the message!

  3. kjandthekids

    November 8, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    the women, minorities and pot smokers. don’t forget about the pot smokers. 😉
    Well said.


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