Fitness Adjustment

11 Jan

Obviously being pregnant changes a few things around here for me.  First off I need to adjust my daily calories.  Prior to now I was at 1400 calories a day.  This put me at a loss of 1 pound per week – If I followed it to the tee and did my workouts like I was suppose to.  I changed My Fitness Pal to a maintain mode.  This means I am no longer trying to lose weight but just maintain my current weight.  I know later I will have to add calories for the baby but I do not need any more at this point in time. Changing to a maintain mode changed my daily calories from 1400 to 1660.  I have been doing this for the past two weeks and I have to say that with the nausea I have been having I am not even hitting 1660 calories most days.

As of today I am 6 weeks 3 days pregnant.  This is my weight.


This was my weight at 5 weeks 6 days.


I am sure I will start gaining weight soon but for now I am not worried about losing a pound or two due to morning sickness.

Currently I am on doctor’s orders of no strenuous activities so I am not doing any workouts right now.  When I go back to the doctor in a week, I will hopefully be able to get back to some workouts.  I don’t know if I will be able to run or not due the risks I have of miscarriage but I do plan on doing the elliptical and walking to keep getting my workouts in.  I am hoping this will not be a problem with the doctor.

I want to stay fit for this pregnancy.  I have worked way to hard this past year to just eat it all away.  I can have a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy without going overboard.  I am sure I will have my days of just eating everything in sight but I am hoping those days are few and far between my healthy eating days.

So far there is nothing healthy about my eating.  I don’t have much of an appetite so I am not eating much to begin with.  Nothing sounds good and when something does sound good it is usually something fried.  That is all I have been wanting to eat is fried foods.  The other morning we went out to breakfast and I ordered biscuit and gravy and fried mushrooms.  Yup what a combo!  LOL  But that is what sounded good.

So we will see how things progress but for now I am trying to do my best to just keep food in me.  🙂


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4 responses to “Fitness Adjustment

  1. loseitbig

    January 11, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    I am riding this out all 40 weeks with you but, I need to see some nice baby bump pictures…hubba hubba

    • JaxCarrie

      January 11, 2013 at 5:16 pm

      Yes, preggo pictures please. Don’t get too hung up on the # of calories you eat (I think you’re body tells you what it wants – um, biscuits/gravy and fried mushrooms for example?) especially in Tri 1 (keep in mind, I am childless and have never been pregnant, so don’t even listen to me.) Hopefully your doc will clear you for eliptical and walking…I think that even the low impact stuff is great to clear the mind 🙂 So excited for when you start posting bump pics.

      • Two Moms

        January 11, 2013 at 8:50 pm

        LOL Thanks. I know I will eat what sounds good but IF I can I would like to eat healthy. I will be happy to get a good workout in soon. I am dying watching D go run and I cant.

    • Two Moms

      January 11, 2013 at 8:48 pm

      LOL I will start those at 8 weeks. Thanks for the vote of confidence.


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