Follow Up

20 Feb

Monday I had my follow up doctor’s visit.  Overall I was very happy with the visit.  I asked a ton of questions and my doctor was wonderful about taking the time to listen to me and answer them the best she could.  Obviously some of them she couldn’t answer but I am pretty sure there is only one person who will ever be able to answer them, so she did a great job.  I absolutely LOVE my doctor and I wish the rest of the practice was more like her.

I am starting to feel a bit better.  I am less in a fog these days and I believe getting off the pain meds has helped that.  I am still bleeding which I was surprised about.  Granted it is light but still – would it just stop already!

D waiting for the doctor to come in for our follow up.  Isn’t she cute?


So my doctor came in and the first thing she asked was how we are doing?  She said she was really upset when she found out the results of the last ultrasound and then that we had the D&C.  I believe she was genuine when she said this and it wasn’t just another thing doctors say.  She really is a great doctor and has been there for us for many years.  She is the same doctor that delivered baby J and she is just amazing.  So we start talking about how I am feeling and if I am having any problems or complications.  I am feeling better and starting to feel back to normal.  I want to start running again and getting back to my workouts.  She told me to wait the full 2 weeks before getting back to that so I can get back to it tomorrow.  I couldn’t be happier and trust me I never thought I would be so happy to be able to go running.   So physically I have been cleared to get back to my normal life and activities.  YAY!

This is really good considering this was what my scale read yesterday.  YIKES!!  Definitely need to get back to my workouts.  This is not good at all.


She then asked about us trying again.  I am still so very hurt by all of this but I will not let it make me give up right now.  I know I will need some time to heal emotionally and mentally and I will have that time given I am not allowed to try again for at least two fully cycles.  So that pretty much puts us about 3 months out since we will have to wait for my third cycle before we try.  Doctor said she wants me to wait through 2 cycles to make sure everything is healed and my uterus has rebuilt the lining and I will be able to physically carry another pregnancy.  I should be ready to try again after 3 months but we plan to take it one day at a time.

So then of course questions about trying again and when I get pregnant again what will we do.  I asked her if we can monitor everything more closely, meaning I wanted early blood work to check beta levels and progesterone and I wanted to get early ultrasounds done and I wanted them every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks.  She said that usually they do not do that but since this is my third miscarriage trying for #2 that she would be fine with letting us do all that.  We talked about what blood work I have had done in the past.  I had blood work in July of 2008 when TTC baby J.  My progesterone levels were 17, this is a great number.  The progesterone test I had done on my last miscarriage was 12.5, this was on the low side of normal but this was just two days before I miscarried.  From what I have been told progesterone should be 5 to 20 after you ovulate and they like to see a 15 or better to sustain a pregnancy.  They look to make sure the levels are between 12 and 20 at weeks 4-6 of pregnancy.   Doctor said she had no problem starting me on progesterone supplements right away next time around.

I then asked about the ruptured cyst I had this time around.  I asked her if that could be the reason I miscarried.  She said that cysts usually do not have any effect on pregnancy and that is normal.  But she did say that if it was not a cyst and it was the corpus luteum that ruptured then that could explain a lot.  I asked what that meant.  She then explained that the corpus luteum is what feeds the egg until about 8 weeks when the placenta takes over and the fetus starts to grow.  She said that when I went in there was a lot of fluid in me and they assumed it was a ruptured cycst since everything else looked fine.  She said there is technically no way of knowing that for sure since all they saw was the fluid. She said it could look that if it was the corpus luteum as well.  So if that is what ruptured or partially ruptured then that would give some sort of explanation for the late growth and heartbeat since the food supply was cut off and obviously not enough to sustain the pregnancy.  So this kind of made me feel a little better – like I kind of got an answer as to what might have happened.  Of course there is no definite but I will take what I can get.

So now we go from here.  Doctor ordered lots of blood work to check all kinds of stuff moving forward.  Seriously I had 12 vials of blood taken – 12!  Damn did my arm hurt but if I can get some answers it will be well worth it.

So here are the tests ordered:

Antithrombin II – Tests for excessive clotting disorders

ANA Screen – Tests for certain autoimmune disorders such as Lupus, West Nile and Lyme Disease

Lupus Anticoagulant – more tests for Lupus

Protein C Activity and Antigen – used to help evaluate a thrombotic episode and to determine if someone has an inherited or acquired protein C or Protein S deficiency

Protein S Panel – Tests for a large amount of diseases such as Liver Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Hepatitis, Bleeding Disorders and more.

Factor V Mutation Analysis – used to determine if you have an inherited gene mutation

Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) – used to evaluate the cause of elevated homocysteine levels – DNA Mutation Analysis

TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone, thyrotropin) – used to screen for and help diagnose thyroid disorders

Looks like she is trying to cover everything she can right now.  LOL I will be happy if all comes back normal and we can continue to move forward.  I feel much better with the stuff we discussed with the doctor and I am so glad we have a plan for next time around.


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5 responses to “Follow Up

  1. loseitbig

    February 20, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    The worst part is not knowing. I am glad you got some of your questions answered and you can start getting back to some sort of a routine. One day at a time! Take care.

  2. KJ and the Kids

    February 20, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    Your doctor sounds so great. Hoping you start feeling 100% soon.

  3. Lindsay

    February 20, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    I wish doctors here were like that, she sounds so kind and caring, and I am glad she has been with you through all of this. Must be relieving to get some of your questions answered. My thoughts are with you guys.

  4. gaybyjourney

    February 20, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    I’m so glad you have a great doc and you got some of your questions answered! Take care of yourself. Do some yoga! It gets you out of your head and calms the mind. x

  5. glamcookie

    February 28, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    Good doctors are so important – I’m glad you have one. Congrats on getting back to your routine. I hope the next two months help with the healing (physically and mentally). Hugs, Mama.


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