Up Another Size – Really?

14 Jun

Sizes mean so much, especially to woman.  So it doesn’t matter what the size is – it is usually not the right size.    I have been small most of my life, and by small I mean overall size, 5’2″ petite is rough and to add any real weight to that small frame is tough.  I look like a big  Oompa Loompa – minus the orange face and green hair.


Well I never really thought to much about shoe size until I started running.  I have always been a 6.5 and that was fine.  So when I started running I upped my shoe to a 7.5 after getting blisters and having my toe nails fall off.  Well now its a year and a half later and I am still getting blisters.  This happens mostly on my long runs but on my shorter runs my toes just ache.  Well once again I got blisters and my toe nails have fallen off.  Gives a whole new meaning to this:


Wearing open toed shoes nowadays is tough without lots of nail polish.  LOL

So while we were at our last race they had shoes that were marked down to 50% off.  This caught my attention – lets face it what woman does not go to a table of shoes that are 50% off!!  Looking around and I saw they had my running shoes there.  SCORE!!!  Problem was they were in a size 8.  DAMN!  After talking to my friend she said I should try them on and that maybe another half size would help with the blisters.  I tried them on and they felt big.  I debated.  Then I looked and they had the same shoe in a size 8 narrow.  So I tried those on and they felt better.  So I bought them.

I have been running in them for a few weeks now and they feel great.  My toes feel better and I have not seen any blisters.  A long race will tell me more but for now they are working out nice.  Only problem is I am having a hard time accepting that my running shoes are a size 8!!  Holy cow really!  That is a size and a half bigger than I wear.  Crazy how sizes makes you think, even in shoes.  I do like the shoes though!  🙂

IMG_20130614_132228_536       IMG_20130614_132236_622

What do you think?


Posted by on June 14, 2013 in Running


2 responses to “Up Another Size – Really?

  1. JaxCarrie

    June 14, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Glad they are working out for you….take em on a long run test drive though. don’t worry about size 🙂

  2. kjandthekids

    June 14, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    That has gotta suck with sandal season upon us. Hope the new shoes do the trick.
    My feet grew after having kids. and I shrunk. So I started out at 5’9 with a size 9 shoe and ended up 5’8 with a size 9.5 or 10. Not exactly what I’d hoped for. 🙂
    I suppose it’s that whole….motherhood grounds you…..thing. ha ha ha


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