On the back burner

26 Jun

On my last few runs my right calf has been killing me and my knees have not been so happy either.  If you can imagine a knife being stabbed into your calf and your knees hitting bricks then that is what it feels like when I run.  Lots of run, right?  Yet I keep going.  Why?  I keep going because it allows me to eat and drink and not gain weight.  My knees are not good anyways and I know this.  I was told on my last knee surgery that I would be lucky to get 10 years out of my knees before I would need both of them replaced.  If I gain weight the added weight hurts my knees.  If I run and workout that hurts my knees too but I also feel that running and working out helps strengthens them too.  So I am either overweight and my knees hurt or I am healthy and my knees hurt.  I choose the second option.

Okay back to my calf hurting.  I couldn’t figure out what exactly was causing it.  While in Wisconsin I thought it might have to do with the hills.  It doesn’t feel like I torn anything but it just burns and hurts when I run.  It doesn’t hurt when I am walking or not working out.

While up north all I did was run, I didn’t do any insanity.  My first run back here since vacation and it was feeling better.  I am thinking that my calf problem is linked to the insanity.  There is so much jumping around in insanity that I think it is just putting too much strain on my calf and knees.  So the obvious solution is to dial it down some.  Solution – I am swapping out my insanity for my Jillian Michaels for a while.  I am hoping that if I keep moving forward with running and Jillian that I will be able to get back into insanity soon.  I don’t want to give up on it but I also don’t want to end up hurting myself either.  So I think I need to work up to it.  Insanity is officially on the back burner now.

I did Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 today.  My calf felt much better and my knees are not screaming as much as after insanity.  I hope this is the solution I need right now.  I am also thinking I might need to go back in and have my knees checked out again.  It has been 3 years since my first knee surgery.  I am really hoping that I will get another 6-7 years out of them.

Why can’t I just be a natural born runner that is tall and lean with long legs?


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