I won!! I won!!

13 Aug

One of the first things you learn as a mother is to pick and choose your battles.   Some are just more important than others!  I have my days where I get tired of having the same battle as to why she cannot wear her pajamas to the beach or why she cannot have Cheetos for breakfast.  Battling with a toddler can be exhausting.  So yes there are days where she wears her pajamas to the beach and she has Cheetos for breakfast!  Don’t judge me – I am a mother!   At the end of the day when my wife comes home and it is 4pm and she is still in her pajamas and the house is a disaster and my wife is confused as to what the hell happened that day – I just look at her and say “The child is still alive – It was a good day!”   All you mothers out there know exactly what I am talking about!

Well there is one battle that is non-negotiable – brushing her teeth!  There is absolutely no way around it.  She has to brush her teeth.  This battle can be one of the worse battles ever!  When she was little she thought it was a fun game.  We didn’t NEED to make sure we were brushing properly when she had 2 teeth.  Her chewing on the tooth brush was good enough to keep them clean.  Then came the day where she wanted to brush them herself.  Then the “okay mommy will start and you can finish” worked.  Then the day came where we moved up from infant toothpaste to kids toothpaste.  The battle over flavors sucked.  She hated most of them and wanted to use the infant toothpaste.  No you need more than that now you need to use this new stuff.  ***que meltdown***  She refused to open her mouth.  ***que holding childs head and making her brush her teeth while crying and spitting it all out and bigger meltdown*** Then moving her from the kids flavored tooth paste to kids minty toothpaste was another battle.

Then I tried scare tactics.  “If you don’t brush then the dentist will have to drill”  “The tooth fairy won’t take bad teeth”   Uggg   All in a days work.

Well I have to say that I finally won!  I have found the perfect combination to make both mommy and child happy.   We changed from a regular tooth brush to an electric one.  I found a pink Oral B one that has a small head on it and she loves that it’s pink.


Then we moved to the sparkle toothpaste.  Just like the toothpaste a princess would use.


Then the kicker of it all to get her to brush was to get a small timer.  This was awesome.


We have a pink one and and orange one.  She gets to pick which color she wants to use. Sometimes it’s both. We flip the timer and brush our teeth.  She is so worried about the sand falling that she just opens her mouth and I brush away.  The timer is for 2 minutes and we might not always make the full 2 minutes but we are pretty dang close.  I am thrilled.  I am not saying she is perfect 100% of the time but it is way better than it was.  She is more excited about brushing now and she asked about getting timers in different colors.  So when we get bored with this an she starts to fight it we will go buy a new color timer.  YAY!!!  Success!!!


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3 responses to “I won!! I won!!

  1. the urban misanthropist

    August 13, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    love your perseverance – great mom…

  2. kjandthekids

    August 15, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Well played mom


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