26 Aug

We need some glassware/vases for the wedding reception. I started pricing this out and the number was getting much higher than I wanted it to be.  So I decided to head over the the local thrift store and see what they had to offer.

Baby J and I walked in and walked to the back section of the store where all the glassware was located.  They had 4 rows of glassware. It was crazy.  Like any thrift store you have to browse through all of it to find what you are looking for.  Baby J wanted many items that we didn’t need but she was a big help in picking out some really neat pieces though.

After a few minutes of browsing, I was in heaven.  I had just about every shape and size glass to choose from and they were all only $1.15 each.  JACKPOT!!!  I was so excited.  I was able to get 17 of them for $22.80.  I originally had $200 set in our budget for this.  Talk about a great money saver.  I snagged a few from the dollar store as well.  Total for everything pictured was $57.03.

Check them out!


After a cleaning/sterilizing in the dishwasher, they are perfect.

We found a great photographer and also have the help of an amazing friend who is taking care of all our flowers and setting up decorations.  Our personal wedding planner.  Thanks so much girl!

Things are starting to fall into place.  YAY.


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Posted by on August 26, 2013 in Wedding


One response to “Jackpot!

  1. KJ and the Kids

    August 27, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Nice find. Keep up the good work.


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