I can’t wear those

18 Feb

Ask any runner and I am pretty sure they will tell you that they have had a blister or two in their running life.  It happens – more often than any runner would like.  When you are repeating the same movement for a long period of time (hours and hours at times) it is easy to get a blister.  Most runners get them on their toes or under their toenails.  They are very painful and can cause your toenails to fall off.  Yes very pretty mental image I know.  I was no different when it came to blisters and lost toenails.


Runners really do not NEED any equipment to run.  Some runners run barefoot and don’t even need shoes.  You can run in just about anything you want as well.  Now of course there is tons of running gear for runners.  Shoes, GPS watches, clothing, socks, belts and the list can go on and on.  Most runners will agree that a good pair of running shoes is a must.  So when I started running I decided to invest in a good pair of shoes.  It wasn’t long before I was getting blisters and losing toenails.  So I increased my shoe size.   All this would help for a short while but then I had more blisters.  The longer I ran the more blisters I had.

I increased my shoe size again.  I changed shoe brands. I changed sock brands.  I put vaseline on my toes. I wrapped my toes.  Nothing seemed to give me 100% relief.  It has been a frustrating battle. I know I should be able to run with minimal blisters and issues and I should be hopeful to run and never get another one again.

I was desperate to find something to give me some relief.  I went to a local running shore looking for anything else I could try to help with the blisters.  After discussing the issues with the sales lady there she recommended I change shoe brands and switch to toe socks.  Now I am a girl who cannot do things between my toes.  Flip flops drive me nuts.  I just can’t stand that feeling so of course I was very hesitant to accept toe socks as the answer.  This of course was mentioned to me by a friend in our “blister discussion” and I refused to believe toe socks were the answer then and was not convinced it was now either.  I can’t wear those.  I can’t have stuff between my toes.  It won’t help.  They are just socks.

Against my better judgment and desperate for some solution, I bought the new shoes and a pair of toe socks.  The next day I went out for a run.  It had to be the worst run of my life.  I could feel the toe socks with every step and the shoes hurt my feet so bad I couldn’t even finish a 3 mile run.  So I returned to the shoe store and exchanged the shoes for another kind.  The lady insisted I keep the toe socks and try them with the new shoe.  FINE!  So off I went for another test run.


I could still feel the toe socks with every step.  I tried to think of other things and not focus on just that.  The shoes were feeling really good.  I didn’t feel any pain or rubbing.  Eventually the toe socks became less noticeable and for the first time in a long time I had a pain free run.  Okay well that was just a short run – let’s see how this works on a long run.  I am still not convinced yet.

So that weekend I set out for a long run.  Again the toe socks were noticeable but I tried to change my focus.  I managed to make it through a long run with no issues, no blister, and no pain.  Yes I was shocked.  Did I finally find a solution to my problems?  I continued to run in those shoes and toe shocks and trained for my next half marathon.

I finally have found the answer and I am completely shocked at what the solution was.  Now I cannot say that I am 100% comfortable in toe socks because I am not.  I can still feel them with every run but I will say that it is becoming more comfortable to deal with and the fact that I have no more blisters is amazing to me.  Finally I am running without blister pain and I am not losing my toenails.  I am not sure if it is just the toe socks or just the shoes since I have not been brave enough to change up this combination.  But I will say that this combination was my solution.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes and toe socks.  Imagine that!  It works and I couldn’t be happier.


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Posted by on February 18, 2014 in Running


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