I thought I had 9 months

27 Feb

I seriously cannot believe it is the end of February already.  Where has the time gone??

7 months ago we started planning our wedding day.  Today we have 60 days left!!!  60 days??  What happened to 9 months?

We have been super busy these days but I have to say we are moving ahead nicely with wedding planning.  We decided to pay for as much stuff as possible as we go along so we do not have a huge lump sum do on our wedding day and we didn’t want to be stressed about money when it’s suppose to be our fun, happy day.

So where are we at?  Well here you go.  Our dresses are here and paid for.  All of our vendors have been 50% paid and the rest of the money is in saving to pay them later.  I plan to just have envelopes all ready to go for all of them and we are done.  Our airline tickets are bought and our hotel and rental car in NY are paid for.  Cake, flowers, shoes, jewelry, etc is all paid for already.  I am so excited to know that the only thing left to pay if for the dinner once we get the final head count of guest.

So here is a sneak peak of our wedding.


Are we getting excited yet?  I know I am.  🙂  60 days!


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Posted by on February 27, 2014 in Wedding


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