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25 Mar

As parents we are constantly using life examples to teach our children.  We try our best to provide them a good role model to follow.  We insist they eat their vegetable and not candy for dinner.  It is a never ending battle to raise our children to be good, honest, productive little people of the world.  Children tend to follow what they see.  We are constantly working out or running a race.  Baby J sees this and is insistent to workout with us or run another race and I couldn’t be happier that she picks up on that.

Now of course that doesn’t mean that she is the perfect eater just because we eat healthy.  The vegetable battle is still a nightly battle in our house but we use it at a teaching tool.  Of course we eat candy or chocolate or chips, it is just a matter of moderation.  So we tell baby J that yes she can have dessert after she eats her dinner but to be sure that it is in moderation.  I never want to tell my child “No you can never eat that it will make you fat.”  I don’t want her to live life like that and let’s face it – How often did you purposely go out and do something JUST because your parents told you NO you couldn’t do it?  So we really try to explain things to her and teach her why we tell her not to do things or why we want her to eat her vegetables first.

The other night we were sitting and watching TV and this show came on the called “My 600lb Life”.  We watched it for a while and baby J was very curious about this lady.



She was bed bound and could not stand or walk at all.  Her husband brought her food in bed and did all the shopping. The kicker for me was that she had a young boy in kindergarten.  He would come to the bed and give her hugs and kisses and she would help get him dressed from bed and what not.  You could tell he loved her and she loved him.  Even after having the surgery to shrink her stomach she refused to change her eating patterns and never lost any weight.  She missed his kindergarten graduation but kept saying that he could never say she wasn’t there for him.  He could never say that she didn’t do whatever she could for him and that she felt she was a better mom because she was always home for him whenever he needed her.  I couldn’t believe she was justifying herself this way.  She couldn’t get out of bed.  She couldn’t play with her child outside.  She couldn’t go to any events at his school.  I guess that was her way to make herself feel better.  I don’t know.

Baby J sat with us and watched this show and asked many questions.  She asked why she was so big?  Why she couldn’t walk?  Why she didn’t want to go out to play with her son?  So of course we used this as a teaching tool.  We explained that this lady didn’t make healthy eating choices and that she didn’t get out to exercise.  We explained that it was okay to eat French fries but not all the time.  We explained that this happens over many year of eating this way and it wasn’t something that happened just because of one meal.    Baby J took all this in and was very interested in the show and seemed very sad when the lady could not make it to her son’s kindergarten graduation.

We try out best to make the right choices for us and our child.  I am so glad that we have this time to teach her about life and about having a good foundation and eating habits.  I don’t want her to grow up thinking she cannot eat anything because she has to stay skinny.  We never say that to her and we never say anything about being fat to her.  I never want to her feel that way.  I want her to be confident in her body and in her life.  I want her to be able to eat anything she wants in moderation and be able to make those choices for herself on day.  I hope that by using shows like this as  a teaching tool we are doing the right thing for her and giving her the knowledge she needs later on in life.

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Have you ever used a show as a teaching tool like this?

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