Marathon Training Plan

21 Mar

I have been looking and looking for a decent training plan.  Most plans are not long enough for me and most plans only go up to 20 miles as the longest training run.  So I have decided to make my own, big surprise I know.  My plan is to try to take it nice and slow in the beginning and start adding weights into my routine to build muscle and strengthen my knees before I start adding any major distance.  My problem with weights is that I tend to get really sore the day or two after my workouts.  Then I get annoyed because I can’t run without hurting and then I stop the weights.  I need to take it easy on my runs and push thru a few weeks of weights to get my body past that point of being sore each week.  I figure at least 2-3 weeks and we will be good.

This is the plan I have come up with.  I plan to run 3 days a week and add weights at least 2 days.  I can then add a third day of weights or take a rest day depending on how I am feeling that week.  I will then start to increase my miles.  I am running all my runs at a 3:1 split, run 3 minutes walk 1 minute.  This will be how I am training and I will be running the marathon.

40 Week Marathon Training Plan

I am trying to come up with a decent weights plan that will work with this schedule.  I need to have that planned out by tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

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