18 Nov

This morning I saw a post on a runner’s site I am part of that caught my attention.  Do you know what your runiversary is?  Some runners said they didn’t know and others knew exactly what their date was.  As for me – Yes I know exactly what my date is.  January 10, 2012!


Hard to believe that was almost 4 years ago.  My first run was a 15:30 pace.  I thought I was going to die before I finished that run.  I could not imagine ever thinking I would be a runner.  I could never imagine how that first run would change my life.  I could never imagine the bond I have with my wife because of running.  I could never imagine running a 5K race, a 10K race, a 15K race or a Half Marathon!  BUT I DID!!  I did run all those races and more!  I have run so many races and I have really enjoyed all the experiences I have had.  I also have had the best running partners over these past years and have met some amazing people and friends due to running.

In 25 days I will be doing something I could never imagine I would ever do when I started running in January 2012.  Up until March of this year I would have told you this was something I never wanted to do – funny how things change.  In 25 days I will be running my first full Marathon!

The training for this marathon has been tough, both mentally and physically.   I have dealt with ankle pain and calf pain.  I have stuck to a training schedule and have adjusted it as needed to keep moving forward and get my training in.  It has been hard!  It has been time consuming!  It has been challenging!

A few weeks ago we ran 20 miles – our longest run to date.   I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through this run – but I did!  My pace for 20 miles was 11:35.  Not to shabby!

This weekend we will run 23 miles.  That is our last long run before we run the marathon.    I am so blessed to have my wife by my side for all of this.  The excitement is building as are the nerves.  When I stop and think I will be running 26.2 miles and my goal is 5 ½ hours – I start to think I am crazy!  But I will also me a marathoner!

26.2 start


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  1. Mom

    November 18, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    AWESOME BabyGirl!


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