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Meal Prep – Week of 01-16-17

We got out meal prep done!  I think we did it in record time.  LOL  I love that my wife helps with prep, it really goes by so much faster.  We alternate two days of meals for the week which makes it so much easier to meal prep.


So this week day 1 we have 2 eggs and 1 banana, apple and caramel dip, greek meatballs with pita bread and tzatziki sauce, celery and ranch dip, dinner make each night.  Day 2 we have 2 apple oatmeal muffins, nutella with pretzel sticks, unstuffed cabbage rolls, cucumber and ranch dip, dinner make each night.  We have 6 of every item you see in this picture.  That is enough for both of us for 3 days.  All items are prepped and put in the fridge for  the week.  Total grab and go to make life simple and easy.

The best part about prepping for 2 people is that most recipes serve 6 people so that gives us the perfect portion for the week.  We only have to eat the same meal 3 times a week instead of 6.  🙂


Snack bags are the best!


We are ready for another week.  Feeling wonderful about out meal prep and meal plan for this week and THRIVING!!!

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Months ago a friend of mine told me about these pills and patch she was taking and wanted me to try them.  I listened to her but had no real interest in it or looking into it any further and probably wasn’t listening very well.  Fast forward to last week – it is the new year, my job is stressing me out, the holidays have stressed me out, finances are stressing me out – and my friend mentions to me again about these pills. Not the time I want to hear about them again.  I tell her I do not like taking pills and I do not like taking something that is not really needed.  I do not want to take any diet pills.  I know how to eat right and exercise to keep my body in shape and loose weight.  I know how to meal prep and I don’t think I need any magic pills to help with all that.  She then tells me that this is not a diet pill and that it is all natural.  Okay so I am paying attention to what she is saying this time around but I am 100% skeptical.  My stomach does not handle pills well and 100% of the time when I take pills I cannot  go to the bathroom for days afterwards.  I already take supplements on a daily basis – multi vitamin, glucosamine, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium, fish oil, and baby aspirin. So what can she possibly have that I would be interested in?  She hands me free samples to try and tell me to have D try them too.  She tells me to look it up and let her know what I thought. I kept thinking to myself – What is this stuff?


She explains to me that this is a 3 part system – pills, shake, and patch – and they all work together to supplement your bodies nutritional gaps.  So I go and look it all up.  There are all kinds of reviews on this stuff both positive and negative – just like anything else out there.  I look up the ingredients.  Basically THRIVE is a wellness supplement system.

  • All Natural, Gluten Free, Non GMO
  • Raw Organic Vitamins, Plant Extracts, Minerals, Anti-Oxidants, Pre and Probiotics, Enzymes
  • Acidophilus
  • Guarana
  • Gree Tea
  • Glucosamine
  • White Willow Extract
  • Glutamine
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Co Q10
  • Ginger Extract
  • BCAA Blend
  • And More

It is a nutritional supplement to help fill the nutritional gaps in your diet.  It aids in

  • Weight Management
  • Supports Healthy Joint Function
  • Digestive & Immune Support
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Calms General Discomfort
  • Lean Muscle Support
  • Increase Energy

Nothing in this seems to be of major concern to me or throwing up any red flags so I call my doctor friend.  Tell her what it is and read the ingredients to her and ask her what she thinks.  She said she doesn’t see anything she would be concerned about and to take it with caution and she was going to look into it more for herself.  The patch peaked her interest.

So I start THRIVE! The first day I take 1 pill, half a shake packet, and add a DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) patch.  I take the pill as soon as I wake up and 20 minutes later I take the shake and add the DFT patch after my shower.  I was fully waiting for this to upset my stomach and to my surprise it never did.  I don’t feel a huge change as I go about my day but I do feel like I have more energy and I feel more thirsty.  Day 2 I do the same thing and feel pretty good, about the same as day 1.  Still no upset stomach and I was able to go to the bathroom with no issues, pleasantly surprised.  I noticed I slept better that night and considering I do not sleep very well to begin with, that was a plus.  Day 3 I bump up to 2 pills, half a shake packet, and the DFT patch.  To my surprise, still no upset stomach and I had bathroom time as normal.  I notice I do not have the 3pm crash of “OMG I AM TIRED”!  Awesome!

The shake is not a meal replacement and it is not the best tasting.  I thought I was going to puke the first time I mixed it with water.  It is vanilla flavored and I have found mixing it with 8oz. of orange juice makes it taste like a creamsicle!  So much better.


Fast forward and I am now on day 10.  I feel great!  I never once have felt jittery or racey.  I don’t feel like I am on speed or going a mile a minute.  I do feel like I am more alert and have more energy.  I notice that I feel less stressed and more calm.  I am more patient and positive.  I do not crash halfway thru the day and I sleep much better than I have in years.  My knees do not ache the way they have and I am running again without pain.  This is huge for me!  Now also keep in mind that I live a pretty active lifestyle and I eat pretty healthy as well as work out 4 -5 times a week.  I am continuing to workout and eat healthy and I have added the THRIVE system as a nutritional supplement to my life.  We ordered our first month shipment and it arrived in 2 days.  D and I are both on it and we LOVE it!

THRIVE IS NOT A MAGIC WEIGHT LOSS PILL!!  That is not what it is designed to do so if that is what you are looking for you need to keep looking and good luck finding it.  THRIVE is designed as a nutritional supplement and should be used in addition to a healthy lifestyle.  We all have nutritional gaps and no matter how healthy you eat you cannot give your body every thing it needs.  Most people take supplements already to help fill those gaps and help their body run to its fullest potential and feel its best.  Like any other product in this world – THRIVE may not work for everyone and everyone is different and may have different results.  As for me and my results so far – I am thrilled and I would highly recommend you give it a try.

Check it out here!


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Teacher Appreciation Week – Gifts

We made this super cute gift for J’s teachers this week.  They are easy to make and just adorable if you ask me.

Teacher gift hearts 2  

These can be made for any event or holiday, not just Valentine’s day.  The themes are endless.

I purchased almost every item from the dollar store.  Total price is 6.00 each.  I used spray paint to make it easier for myself but it cost a bit more for spray paint so it could be even cheaper if you painted them by hand.

  • Clay pot 2/1.00
  • Glass Fish Bowl 1.00
  • Clay lid .79 (Michaels)
  • Wooden ball .59 (Michaels)
  • Ribbon 1.00 for the roll
  • Stick on Hearts 1.00 for a package of 100
  • Candy 1.00
  • Paint 5.79 (Michaels)

Then I added a cute saying for the tag and stuck it inside.  I just love how they turned out.

Teacher gift hearts

Paint the clay pots and tops red.  Paint the wood balls white.  Glue the fish bowl to the top of the clay pot.  Glue the wooden ball to the top of the lid.  Glue ribbon around the pot and stick on the hearts.  Fill with candy and add a tag if you want.  So easy!


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No more training wheels

J has had this 12” bike for quite some time.  Honestly. I think it has been since she was about 3 years old.  She would ride around on it with the training wheels but would never really go for a long ride on it.  I kept saying “she will never learn to ride if she won’t even stay on it longer than 5 minutes.”  So I started looking at balance bikes.  I knew if she could get the balance part I could remove the training wheels and she would be able to ride on her bike.  The balance bikes cost around $100.  We were not going to spend another $100 on another bike to sit in our garage if she decided she wasn’t going to use it.

So I decided to take the pedals off the bike we had here already.  Taking the pedals off was not horrible to do.  I did have to go and find a video about how to take the bearing out though.  Once I got that all taken apart I could not get the chain off.  This little bike must have been the only bike that did not have a link in the chain.  After looking and looking for a link and not finding one, I just cut the chain off.  J got on it and was a bit confused at first.  I showed her how to walk on it and it did not take her long to figure it all out.

This is what her bike looked like after I took it all apart.  This was October 25th.

DIY Push Bike

The biggest problem was the screws sticking out of the back where the training wheels were suppose to attach.  J kept hitting her ankles on them.  So I cut those down so they wouldn’t hit her anymore.

She was riding up and down the street in no time.  After a month she was balancing on it and pulling her feet up off the ground.  She started asking me to put the pedals back on so she could ride it.  LOL  Yeah well since I cut the chain I couldn’t do that.  I kept telling her to keep practicing.

The beginning of this month she became very insistent that she is ready for a bike with pedals.  I asked my mom to bring over the extra bike she had at her house.  This one still had the pedals and training wheels on it.  On the 12th she brought it over.  That bike was also a 12” bike.  I took the training wheels off of it and J hopped right up on it.  I held it by the seat and she started to pedal.  It took all of a minute before she was off and riding it all on her own.  I was shocked she picked it up so quickly.

2 wheels

I felt bad that D was at work when all this happened but I had no idea she would just take off on it.  I figured she would get up there and fall a few times and have to practice at it a bit more.  No way!  She was gone!  The biggest problem she had was making sure the pedals were in the right position to take off.  She had to learn to push the pedal around with her foot or shin to be able to get her foot on it and push off.  Within an hour she was getting on and off and making turns, going up and down the driveways, and really cruising along.  I could also see how little this bike was for her now.  LOL

So yesterday we bought her a 16” bike.  I really wanted to buy her an 18” but it was just too big for her.  This 16” fits her nicely.  Took her a few tries to get the hang of the bigger bike but she did it and we went for a nice bike ride together.

Big bike

I honestly think making the balance bike was the best thing I could have done to help her learn to ride a bike.  Once she had the balance part down she was good to go.  From start to finish was less than 3 months.  If you have not tried a balance bike for your kiddo yet, try it!  It really works!


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Chirp. Chirp.

Who doesn’t love being woken up in the middle of the night to a beeping smoke detector?  Oh, come on,  I know you are so excited when you hear it go off at 2am!  Last night was oh so much fun for us.  I started hearing it chirp and thought “NO! Okay give it a minute it will stop.”  After a minute it stopped but then about 10 minutes later it started again and 10 minutes after that and 10 minutes after that.  UGGG  Fine I will get my butt out of bed and check on it.  Come to find out it was the smoke detector in baby J’s room.  How annoying and a MUST change so it doesn’t wake her up.   It is midnight!

I get up, turn off the house alarm, go out to the garage to get the ladder, and grab a new battery.  Then sneak into her room in the dark and set up the ladder all while this stupid thing is beeping in my ear that is now 2 inches from it.  I fumble enough to finally get it open and the battery pretty much falls out on me.  So I try to put the new battery in and can’t seem to get it in there right.  STILL BEEPING!  I go to find a flash light and need to wake D up to help hold the light while I change the battery.  Now in my defense, this is our new house and the first time I have dealt with these smoke detectors which of course are not the same as the ones in our old house and at midnight I wasn’t too happy with trying to figure it all out.

So now D is up and the dog is up and I am up and the smoke detector is still chirping away.  I get the new battery in and it is still beeping.  D asks “Are you sure it is a good battery?”  to which I reply ever so nicely “Yes! I just opened the damn package!”  I moved the ladder to the hallway and open a different smoke detector to make sure I have the battery in correctly.  I did.  Move back into baby J’s room and open it up again and take the battery out.  By now the dog has woken up baby J!  Great the whole family is up at midnight.  YAY!

Finally I go a and get a different battery.  The first battery I grabbed was a brand new generic 9V battery.  The second one I grabbed was a brand new Duracell 9V battery.  I put that battery in and viola!  It finally shut up.  So obviously we have battery snob smoke detectors.

smoke detectors

Hope everyone else had a good nights sleep!  Chirp. Chirp.


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Life is short

Like most people in this world, I go through my days and I feel like I never have enough time in any one day to get everything done.  I need to make time for work, for my daughter, for my wife, for myself, and then there is time to clean the house and do all those other mommy chores I have to do.  It can be hard to stop and take a few breathes and enjoy all the little things in life.  I think far too often people take for granted what they have until it is gone.  Then you realize just how short life can be.

I try my best to enjoy the small things in like.  One of my favorite things to do is to just go for a walk with my family.  We don’t go anywhere but around our neighborhood but it makes everyone happy including the dog.  We just walk.  We walk and we talk and we laugh and enjoy the evening together.  It really is so nice.

I love the cuddles I get from my little girl.  I try to enjoy and embrace her as much as I can because I know that a day will come when I will not be her first choice for cuddles.  I enjoy that time with her now.  Each day seems like she grows up way too much.

Yesterday we attended a family funeral.  D’s uncle passed away.  It makes you appreciate and love the family you have so much more when it is right in your face how short life really is.  It doesn’t matter if they are 40 or 80; you never seem to have enough time with them.

I got to meet some of D’s family that I have never met before.  They were all so sweet and so welcoming.   Baby J kept calling them “cousins”.  None of them had names to her but she knew they were her cousins and that was all that mattered to her.  It was really cute.  They were all so wonderful to her and I am so glad to have gotten this opportunity to have met them.  I really wish it was due to better circumstances than a funeral.  I hope we can all keep in contact now that we have met.

On the long drive home, D and I were talking about the wedding.  I know with all my heart I am marrying the right woman.  I love her for all she is and for all I am when I am with her.  She is a wonderful mama and I couldn’t ask for a better person to spend the rest of my life with.

Hold close and cherish the ones that you love.  Life is too short to just keep chugging along without stopping to take a few breathes and enjoy the people around you.

life is short


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Love Thy Neighbor

We are all moved into our new house.  We love it!!! 



We were also told the neighborhood is full of younger kids.  This is great because our old neighborhood had all older kids and baby J always felt left out because she couldn’t roam the neighborhood with the older kids.

I couldn’t help but feel sad as I watched as she sat at the end of our driveway and just watched as the kids rode their bikes around the block or played basketball or swords and guns.  She would try to join in but at the end would just end up sitting and watching with this sad look on her face.  As a mother, this broke my heart.  So I was very excited to know the new neighborhood would have kids her age.

The neighbors to our left are very quiet and you really don’t hear much from them at all.  The neighbors to our right and 2 houses down have a little girl the same age as J.  She came over and they rode bikes together and played with their baby dolls and then played in the backyard on the swings.  J was in heaven and I was one happy mommy to know my little girl had kids to play with.


Then our neighbors to the right of us moved in.  They have 4 kids ages 2, 3, 8 and 11.  All girls, except the 11 yr old.  I thought this was fantastic – more kids to play with.  It didn’t take long before I realized this was not going to be a good thing.

These kids have no boundaries and the two little ones speak very little or no English.  The second we open the garage door we have them all in our driveway wanting J to come out and play.  Okay guys she cannot play all day every day, we have stuff to do.  They run the neighborhood and have no supervision – even the little ones.  We still have a lot of construction going on down our street.  We bought a new house and they are still building houses on our street.  So there is a lot of construction going on and these kids are all up in the construction sites and playing in the trash and dirt.  Again no supervision and no my kid cannot go and play there.


They love our dog and seem to smother her whenever they see her.  They will even call her into the road or into their house.  Sorry kids – the dog needs to stay in our yard and in our house and out of the road.  Our dog is very tolerant but I am worried that if one of the kids hurts her that she will nip at them.  One thing I definitely don’t want to deal with.  I try to explain they need to be gentle with the dog.  I try to explain they shouldn’t be in the construction sites.  I try to explain that J has boundaries and cannot run the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, I feel all of this is just a waste of my breathe as the little ones don’t understand what I am even saying and the older ones just plain don’t care what I am saying.


We live on an awesome lot that is on a pond.  We love the view and were so excited to have a nice big backyard.  Sadly due to the situation with the neighbors we will be putting up a fence very soon.  One – we just don’t have any privacy from these guys.  They are always in our yard and calling the dog.  Two – I can’t have the dog bite anyone and I just don’t trust them to not make that happen.  Three – the parents don’t really speak English either, so talking to them has been difficult already and the last thing I need is to have a feud with our neighbors after a month of living there because we all know I speak my mind and it is not always pretty.

Sigh!  So today I will be getting fence quotes.  Guess the old saying is true “Good fences make better neighbors”.


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