TTC Baby J

March 2008 – Started TTC baby #1.  Donor sperm with home insemination.  BFP – we couldn’t be happier.  Pregnancy ended in chemical pregnancy.  We are heartbroken.

April-June 2008 – Took these months off.

July 2008 – New donor – home insemination #2. BFN.

August 2008 – Home insemination #3. BFN.

September 2008 – Home insemination #4. BFN.  Started Clomid to help get pregnant.

October 2008 – Home insemination #5. BFN. Another round of Clomid.

November 2008 – Home insemination #6. BFN. Go see a reproductive specialist to have testing done to make sure there are no problems.  Nothing found – No reason I cannot get pregnant.  Decide to continue without Clomid.

December 2008 – Home insemination #7. BFN.  Starting to give up hope and decide we will continue to try for a year and see where we are then.

January 2009 – Almost missed this cycle due to the New Year. Home insemination #8. BFP!!  Complete shock but so happy.

February – July 2009 – Normal pregnancy. We are having a girl.

August 2009 – Start having contractions at 36 weeks.  Go to hospital, they try to stop the contractions.  It takes 3 doses of meds to stop the contractions.

September 2009 – Induced at 39 weeks to ensure we have OUR doctor delivers the baby.  (Surprisingly we had homophobic doctors that could have delivered our baby and we decided against that.)

Baby J was born on September 2009 and was absolutely perfect!  7lb little peanut.  We had no complications at all.  Labor was good and Mommy and baby did great.  Mama couldn’t be happier.


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