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Happy Thanksgiving


This is my favorite holiday.  This is the only holiday that is not commercialized.  This is the only holiday that is truly about nothing more that getting together with family, friends, and loved ones to just be thankful for the many blessing you have in your life and I absolutely LOVE it.  I love cooking all the food and having a house full of people who come over to eat, drink, and watch football.  No gifts needed – come as you are and enjoy the day.  That is what makes Thanksgiving the perfect holiday.

I love watching the parade.  I am so excited to share this day with my baby girl.  I have been prepping her all week that turkey day is coming and then we get to watch the parade and the Cowboys play.  Her response to me is “Go Cowboys”.  That’s my girl!

This year, like all years, has had its ups and downs but no matter what happens if I have my family and my faith I will make it through.  The great Lord has blessed me more than I deserve. I am so very thankful for all these wonderful blessing he has given me. I am thankful for my beautiful wife and daughter. I am thankful for all my wonderful family and friends. But most of all I am thankful for every day he has given me to be with all these wonderful people and watch my daughter grow.


I hope you all have your many blessing to be thankful for today and all year round.  God bless all of you on this awesome day!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

And this one I couldn’t pass up.  LOL



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