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Did you spend hump day the way I did?

HUMP Day!  The middle of the week.  The toughest day of the week and the day we all drag our butts to knowing that if we can just get past this day the rest of the week is all downhill.  The day when you know the weekend is getting closer.  The day of the awesome, talking camel!


So the question remains……….. did you spend hump day the way I spent hump day?


Well did you do this?


Or this?

My work out today was fantastic!  I ran 1 mile on the treadmill and then I did weights, back and biceps.  I also LOVE these gloves.  They are G-Loves and they are perfect for women.  I love that they fit my hands perfectly and there are grips in exactly the right places.  Very comfortable and easy to put on and take off.


You have to check them out!  Click here  I totally love them!

Alright my friends – did you spend hump day the way I did?  What did you do?



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Serious Fast Food Issues

Baby J goes to school at 9 am.  I don’t get her up until 8 and she has a cup of juice.  Then I get her dressed, brush her teeth, and then try to get some food in her before we are out the door at 8:35.  Well she is not much of a morning eater (much  like her mommy) so she doesn’t normally eat before school.  She has a snack at school at 10 and I pick her up at 12 so I don’t worry to much about her not eating in the morning.  But by 12 she is hungry and ready to eat.

The other day I went for a run and then headed home to shower then went to get her from school. After that we were going to a local indoor play gym with the moms group.  I needed to feed my kid before we went there.  I also really needed to go grocery shopping and didn’t have much in the house to grab and take with me.  So while driving I was trying to figure out what to feed her.

I have seriously been having major issues with fast food lately.  It just drives me nuts that it has so many calories in it and it is just so unhealthy all around.  The more I learn about what is in fast foods and how it is made just really makes me sick to think what I am feeding my kid or myself for that matter.  I drove past McDonald’s and just cannot bring myself to ever buy her another happy meal.  The fact that their food isn’t even considered safe for human consumption until they wash it in a chemical bath just completely grosses me out.  I don’t care how good it tastes I cannot eat it again.

I always drive past Chick-fil-a.  That is a place we have not been to in a long time.  I refuse to support anything that is outwardly against my family and I don’t care if they are individually owned or not I will never eat there again.  The owner gets a percentage of each and every location.

Burger King just didn’t seem as appealing with what I read about with McDonald’s and I just didn’t want to feed her a burger.  Wendy’s ranked right up there as well.

There is a Fresh Healthy Cafe at the mall that I could get a panini at and I love this place but baby J is not a fan of that place so that is pointless when it comes to feeding her.

So what are your options?  There really is no good/healthy fast food places.  Why cant there be a half way decent place to grab something on the run.  It really was amazing to me that I was having such a problem trying to feed my kid.  Obviously I have changed my views on what is acceptable food for her and I think that is great but it really does make it harder to just run out and grab lunch on the go.

When it was all said and done I ended up going to Subway and getting a ham sub.  I know this is not perfect but the option seemed much healthier than the others.  I am not trying to go all organic on you all and I am not trying to tell you not to eat ANY fast foods.  This is all your own personal decision.  I am just saying that I am having issues with fast foods lately.


I would love to have a nice place that made some grilled chicken and veggies on the go.  No high calorie sauces and loaded with sodium.  Just plain old chicken and veggies.   LOL  Is that to much to ask for?


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Crazy – Crazy

Well we did it!  We are officially Crazy – Crazy.  I guess technically I am only half crazy but had I been healthy I would have been full on crazy just like these other 3.  Gasparilla Race Weekend – 4 races in 2 days – 15k, 5k, half marathon, 8k – Yup Crazy – Crazy.

D and our friends C and A all ran the Mich Ultra Challenge which is all 4 races – the 15k and 5K on Sunday and the half marathon and 8K on Sunday.  I ran the Bud Select 55 Challenge which is only 2 races – the 15K on Saturday and the 8K on Sunday.  It was hard.  It hurt.  It was fun.  It was worth all the bling we got! This was two days worth of running.


We also got race shirts and a finisher jacket for the Challenges.  This is what they got for running all 4 races.  Not too shabby.


I think C has officially turned us into medal whores.  It is all about the medal at the end of the race.  Don’t get me wrong it is a great feeling and great accomplishment to run these races and to physically push yourself beyond your comfort zone but the reward is that medal at the end.  That is the prize.

We all were hurting so bad after the races but we had such a great weekend and we had great friends to suffer through it with.  I never loved bio-freeze so much in my life.  With as crazy as this all sounds I can’t wait to do it again next year.

February 2013 048

I started the 15K off pretty good but it didn’t take long before my body started to rebel.  D stayed with me since she was taking it easy due to her hurt leg.  So we ran a bit and walked a lot and ran some more and walked even more.  We were having fun and we just make the best of it.  We even stopped to have a donut.


It was great being back on the course again and awesome having my wife by my side.  Half way through the 15K I told D I would do the 5K with her after we were done with the 15K.  By the time we got to mile 9 I was hurting pretty good.  I didn’t have anything left to give in.  I was done.  I finished the race with a little run across the finish line and I hurt so bad but I finished.  It wasn’t pretty but I finished.

V 15K

I told D she was on her own for the 5K.  LOL  D did awesome and has a pretty good time.  C and A of course kicked it out like there was no tomorrow.  They are awesome.

The next morning we got up and headed to the races.  It was early and we were not looking forward to day 2 of running.  We were all tired and hurting.


Like a bunch of little troupers D, C and A all got out there and ran a half marathon like it was nothing.  This was the only race that had any time limit to it since you needed to finish in 2 hours 55 minutes to get back to the starting line for the 8K right after.  They all did it and we were off for our last race.  C told us as we were waiting for the 8K to start that she took a fall in the half marathon.  Ouch not fun but she was okay and going to take it easy.  D was hurting pretty good by this point so we were taking it really easy.

February 2013 055


After a mile C was off and running and I stayed with D.  We walked a lot and ran and I could tell with every step that she was in a lot of pain.  Our time wasn’t pretty but we made it.  I gave a good push to the finish and it felt good.

8K run

8K C 8K D 8K

We went and had some celebratory drinks and pictures afterwards.

Post Race Group Post Race post Race 2 February 2013 057


Group February 2013 066 February 2013 061 February 2013 060


What a great weekend.  So glad we have such awesome friends that make us do all this crazy stuff.  LOL  Love you guys!


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Today I am officially released to resume normal activities including working out and running.  I am so excited to get back to my workouts.  PLUS I have a huge weekend planned – Gasparilla Race Weekend.  This is a crazy weekend of running.  There are 4 races in two days.  Saturday there is a 15k and 5K and then Sunday there is a half marathon and an 8K.  Most sane people will pick one of these races and run it.  Other not so sane people will run 2, 3, or all 4 of them.  And you guessed it – D and I fall in the not so sane group.  LOL


We have our friends coming to meet up with us this weekend and we couldn’t be more excited to see them again.  D and both our friends are running all 4 races!  Yes they are really crazy and the only reason I am not running all 4 is because I was pregnant at the time of registration and didn’t want to push it to far being pregnant.  Even being pregnant I signed up for 2 of the races.  I will be doing the 15K and the 8K.  Of course since I have not run in two months and I have no time to train for anything I will probably be doing a lot of walking but I don’t care I am still doing it.  D actually has hurt her leg and she will probably be walking a lot of them as well but again it doesn’t matter.  The goal is to finish – not come in first.  As long as we cross that finish line we are winners.  We get a medal for each individual race and a medal for the group of races and then finisher jackets.  Oh I can’t wait.  It will be so much fun.

Also I have started working on a new workout routine.  I want to add more weight and less long running to my routine.  I want to do weights 4 times a week and do interval running on those same 4 days and then take one day for long runs.  I have a starting point of what I am looking to do and I will probably do a small revision before I start them on Sunday.  Going to talk to my girl, C, when we get together this weekend.  She is the one who got me into all this crazy running and half marathon stuff.  J  You know I love ya girl!

So here is the basic start of what I am looking at doing.

Sunday – Working Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps with weights and then doing Short Repeats for running intervals (Fast run for 30 seconds then Jog 60 seconds – repeat 10 times)

Monday – Working Legs, Back, Biceps, and Abs with weights and then doing Quickies for running intervals (Fast run for 15 seconds then Jog 60 seconds – repeat 10 times)

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Working Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps with weights and then doing Short Repeats for running intervals (Fast run for 30 seconds then Jog 60 seconds – repeat 10 times)

Thursday – Working Legs, Back, Biceps, and Abs with weights and then doing Quickies for running intervals (Fast run for 15 seconds then Jog 60 seconds – repeat 10 times)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Long Run or Hills (alternating weeks)

I think this gives me a good starting point back. I might change up the running with elliptical or something, I am just not 100% just yet.  We will see.   I can’t wait to start.  Funny how my life and desires have changed and I WANT to go in the gym and torture myself for an hour.  LOL  LOVE IT!!

working out


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Fitness Adjustment

Obviously being pregnant changes a few things around here for me.  First off I need to adjust my daily calories.  Prior to now I was at 1400 calories a day.  This put me at a loss of 1 pound per week – If I followed it to the tee and did my workouts like I was suppose to.  I changed My Fitness Pal to a maintain mode.  This means I am no longer trying to lose weight but just maintain my current weight.  I know later I will have to add calories for the baby but I do not need any more at this point in time. Changing to a maintain mode changed my daily calories from 1400 to 1660.  I have been doing this for the past two weeks and I have to say that with the nausea I have been having I am not even hitting 1660 calories most days.

As of today I am 6 weeks 3 days pregnant.  This is my weight.


This was my weight at 5 weeks 6 days.


I am sure I will start gaining weight soon but for now I am not worried about losing a pound or two due to morning sickness.

Currently I am on doctor’s orders of no strenuous activities so I am not doing any workouts right now.  When I go back to the doctor in a week, I will hopefully be able to get back to some workouts.  I don’t know if I will be able to run or not due the risks I have of miscarriage but I do plan on doing the elliptical and walking to keep getting my workouts in.  I am hoping this will not be a problem with the doctor.

I want to stay fit for this pregnancy.  I have worked way to hard this past year to just eat it all away.  I can have a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy without going overboard.  I am sure I will have my days of just eating everything in sight but I am hoping those days are few and far between my healthy eating days.

So far there is nothing healthy about my eating.  I don’t have much of an appetite so I am not eating much to begin with.  Nothing sounds good and when something does sound good it is usually something fried.  That is all I have been wanting to eat is fried foods.  The other morning we went out to breakfast and I ordered biscuit and gravy and fried mushrooms.  Yup what a combo!  LOL  But that is what sounded good.

So we will see how things progress but for now I am trying to do my best to just keep food in me.  🙂


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The day after Christmas

So much has changed in 1 year.  Lots of hard work, dedication and determination has brought us to today – the day after Christmas.  The day I decided to change my life a year ago.  The day I looked at this picture and cried because I couldn’t stand the way I looked.  The day I looked at this picture and was mortified that I was wearing a maturity shirt and I was NOT pregnant.  The day I knew that was going to be the last day I looked like this.

Dec 2011

A year ago Christmas is when I really saw what I looked like and I really dint like what I saw.  I needed to make a change and I needed to change my life for the better.  I was overweight and unhappy and I knew I was the only one who could change that.  My daughter was 2 years old and I could not longer use the baby weight excuse.

This year was so much better.  I felt great.  I knew I did what I set out to do and I couldn’t be happier.  This year I was happy to take pictures.  This year I was happy to look at this picture and see how far I have come.  The only tears shed are pure tear of joy and happiness.  This year is going to be so much better.  I love the new me and I will not go back to the way I was last year.



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13 point freaking 1

We did it!!!!  We ran our first half marathon and I have to say it was AWESOME!!!   We had the best support system EVER!  A big thank you to Team W and my girl S.  You guys are amazing and I am so happy that you were here with us for our first half marathon.

The morning was so very cold and windy.  We found a corner to bunker down in before the race.

S was sure to bring the after race meds!  LOL

I have to admit that I think this is the only race I have been to that actually started on time.  I was really impressed.  Right at 7am we were off.  D and I ran together the entire race.  This is the first time we ever ran together.  D has done so well with her training that her times were so close to mine that we were able to do this.

The race was amazing.  We had good speed and kept a steady pace all the way through.  The first 8 miles seemed to fly by – well as much as they could when you are running.  🙂  The course was beautiful and the weather was nice and cool.  It was overcast and a bit chilly which made it a great day for a run.  The worse part was the wind on the open water.  There was a part of the race that ran down a long pier and it was absolutely miserable to run into the wind for that mile.  I really just wanted to die at that point and that was mile 8.  I just put my head down and powered through.

After that we were back in our stride.  Then we came to mile 11 and I hit a wall.  My calfs felt like they were going to explode.  I could feel blisters forming on my toes.  I was getting tired.  I just wanted to be done.  I didn’t say anything to D because I didn’t want to ruin her momentum.  We powered on and made it to mile 12.  I knew we only had a mile to go.  That last mile seemed to last forever.  Then I caught sight of the finish line.  I was so close.  I wanted to be done.  I wanted that finish line and we were only about a half mile away from it.  We kicked it up a notch and gave it our all.  D pulled ahead of me and I gave it all I had to keep up with her.  D crossed the finish line first and I was right behind her.

I know I gave it my all and I had nothing left to give when I crossed that finish line.  My motto for this race “Don’t look back – leave it all on the track”  If anyone has seen that movie you will know what I mean because I totally felt like racing stripes.  My legs were burning and I needed to keep going.  I repeated that motto in my head over and over throughout this race.  As you can see I look rough in my finish picture.


Our official race times.

D’s Times

V’s Times

As you can see – D crossed first but I was 3 seconds behind her.  So she didn’t beat me by much.  I blame it on her legs being longer than mine.  Oh I am not competitive at all – who me?  No never!!

I am so happy that I had a great friend push me to sign up for this race.  I am so glad that we had these friends and more run this race with us and I can definitely say I will never forget my first half marathon.  I am so proud of my beautiful wife for doing this with me and I am truly blessed that she has but up with all my training over the past few months and understood how much this race meant to me.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.  This race was definitely worth the long months of training.  I  am so proud of all of us for all our hard work and we all had an amazing race.  Way to go D, Team W and S.  You guys are awesome and I am so glad we all did this together.  Love you all!!!

Champaign toast at the end.  What a great day!


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